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  1. The Other Guys

    @TheReaper just add me on steam @Static_rounds (OG) and I'm sure we can make something happen boss man and we did not have a server for BF2 I wish we had been around that long haha but I did play the game for a long time if that counts LMFAO
  2. Welcome to Other Guys Gaming Tactical East Coast - Home of other Guys gaming community Rules for server are as follows Actions that result in kick/Ban: - Team killing: without public apologize you will be kicked from server. - Squad leading and not communicating: Failure to communicate with other squad leads and your own squad member will result in being kicked from server. - Locking squads: if you are locking squads to play with only 3 people in it this is not the server for you squads must have a minimum of 6 members to warrant a lock squad with your friends -Not working together: If any admins/ moderators are told about players either ignoring squad leads or battle plans given by the team to " Lone Survivor " the entire game. This is not the server for you and you will be kicked for it - Recruiting: In order to recruit on our server you need to follow a couple different rules. 1. Must be squad internal no [ALL] messaging for recruits in our server. 2. Must request approval in order to recruit from Static_Rounds(OG). add him on steam for request. 3. No clan hunting in our server period if a member is already part of a clan no one is allowed to pull them from other clans period (OG) included respect all clans. - Hacking, Glitching, exploits: doing any of this will result in immediate ban. Period. *kick will be the first action taken if any of the rules are broken. we go by a 3 strikes your out rules. 1st and 2nd offences is kick, 3rd time is permanent Ban. You may attempt to appeal the ban by adding and messaging Static_Rounds(OG) on steam. Appeals will be discussed by all the generals in OG and the community will decide what happens please allow 5-10 days for ban appeals process*
  3. The Other Guys

    We are a gaming community with many different games available in the community we recently got a big shift within to the squad game I myself am a veteran and found the game to be one of the most fun I have ever played and a couple other vets in the clan did to now we have alot of members playing the game and are now looking to see if anyone else would like to.join the community we use discord and team chat depending on if it's just us in squad or not if your looking for a fun tactical based community who strives to be the best while having fun feel free to join us!