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  1. Texture Loading Failure

    Yes, yes, you're right about counting maps, I think I have the same
  2. Texture Loading Failure

    Well, it remains to be hoped that this bug will be fixed, or we will always have to play this way until we update the PC
  3. Texture Loading Failure

    Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz, 8 gb RAM and 1 gb video card, with such a system the past patch v9 worked fine, that is, there were no soap textures, etc.
  4. Texture Loading Failure

    Precisely, I hope this is a bug, and developers will fix it. For I have even a mini-map, also blurred, I do not think that because of low graphics settings
  5. Texture Loading Failure

    The same problem, but it seems not on all maps, but atkym where the forests, and on one deserted map, do not remember their names, all the other cards seem to work, or rather, they are loaded with textures normally