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  1. How to get better fps?

    Testing now, psyrus, thanks again for the advice, I seem to have gotten my maximum processor Fequency stably to 4.43 Ghz with a amx temp of 77C. Testing on a few maps now, so far though it seems like my draw stat is still much lower than my others. average FPS is at around 60-65 now but it is constant. definitely an improvement, not the 80fps I was looking for and expecting though My active core count is constantly changing in Intel extreme utility, not sure if that has something to do with it.
  2. How to get better fps?

    oh boy, ill see where that takes me, lol. thanks
  3. How to get better fps?

    Thanks for the wise words Psyrus, and I had assumed it could have been the CPU aswell, since that is the oldest part of my PC atm, but what confurse me was that when I open task manager, my CPU usuage caps at 45% when using SQUAD so I thought that meant it was good. any recommendations on a CPU?
  4. How to get better fps?

    my draw is always the lowest number, so that's my gamethread that is bottlenecking... also I lowered all my graphics settings except my resolution and I still end up with the same FPS lol, so very strange. I couldn't find out how to upload attachments to these forums but I have some photos of my "stat unit"
  5. How to get better fps?

    No, I cant say that I know how to turn off the turbo boost, also I'm not sure what the "stat unit" method is, I will definitely give it a google, thanks for pointing me in that direction. someone in game suggested turning sound quality to low and that help a bit, but still no where near the frames I was hopping for, atleast average 80fps would be nice.
  6. How to get better fps?

    gonna high jack this thread i7-2600k @ 3.4ghz 16 gb ram 1080 ti 2k resolution average 50 fps... doesn't seem right to me
  7. How is the optimisation in v10?

    i7-2600k 16gb ram 1080 ti 2k resoultion average 50 FPS, seems so unreal, could be something with my PC though virus wise...?
  8. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    UHHH LOVE RED ORCHESTRA 2! love v10 weapon handling too, if it ever changes I probably leave for good. Wish there were some more Red Orchestra features that I'm surprised are not in the game, Resting weapons on cover (ost front) pulling magazines to check weights/ammo count (Stalingrad). PS. WHO ELSE HERE PLAYED RED ORCHESTRA OSTFRONT?