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  1. SPOTTING ENEMIES / COMMUNICATING IN A SQUAD It can be extremely hard to pinpoint enemies in your first games as you have no idea where they’re coming from so listen carefully to your squad calling them out and possibly them being marked on the map. Remember that the map markers for enemies are placed manually by Squad Leaders and are not 100% accurate. To spot them yourself, think of a logical way they should be coming from and stop for a while and observe, any movement is easier to pick up when you’re standing still yourself. Getting this right takes time and patience, don’t be frustrated if you get the feeling that the “trees are shooting you”. I'm only a few games in but already there. Even when I feel like I'm sitting in good cover I seem to be getting popped out of nowhere. I understand the learning curve is pretty hefty on this game but atm this is my biggest issue. I seem to have a decent grasp of where I'm being shot from but all I see are invisible enemies. Besides that, I'm having a lot of fun when I find a lead that is helpful and knowledgeable.