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  1. Problem joining a squad

    Thanks Gatzby, I tried changing language in steam to english,change settings, connect to a server where I still can't spawn and then switch back to french in steam but no luck, nothing happened. It is not really a problem though, I could play in qwerty if only I could play huehuehue. But strangely the vehicule section in the key binding is empty for me ...
  2. Problem joining a squad

    I uninstalled reinstalled but it didn't fix it and now I still can't change the moving forward ... controls. Then I tried exactly what oTec said but it doesn't work either . I can't understand why it only bugs on servers with 20+people but works perfectly fine in less crowded servers.
  3. Problem joining a squad

    It still doesn't work... I don't know what to do .... I'll uninstall reinstall...
  4. Problem joining a squad

    It is an entire new pc I just built. I did reset my setting following advices from forums... It was said to delete the save file in appdata/squad and then to validate the files in steam but now I can't change the control settings anymore so I think I'll have to reinstall the game again. Yeah I mean I waited for v10 bacause it was around the corner but now I saw that it doesn't change anything. The strangest thing is that earlier I joined a server with 20 ppl and it worked fine eventhough the server got full pretty quick and I didn't have any problem at all, but it is still not possible to join a 30+ player server. edit : I just changed to qwerty and for now it seems to work. Thank you.
  5. Problem joining a squad

    Hello I just installed the game on a new pc and it works fine on firing range and servers with few people (up to 20 there is no problem). When I connect in a server with more than 20 players, I can't join a squad, creat a squad, spawn, talk to anyone by chat or audio, and after a minute or so I get disconnected with an error message : "EAC kicked : connection timed out". I had this problem before v10 and I though maybe v10 would solve it but it didn't. I've seen many people having this issue in many forums but I didn t find any answer that worked in my case (change DNS, ethernet connection, empty steam cahce, uninstall reinstall, launch with administrator ....) My specs are MSI B350 Tomahawk with AMD Ryzen 5 1600X (16 Go) and GeForce GTX 1060 3GT Does anyone have a solution ?
  6. Impossible to join a squad

    I've the same problem I am connected via ethernet but tried changing the DNS anyway but nothing works .... no solution?