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  1. The game looks terrible on square monitor. When i started playing Squad in V9 UI was too big and map was overlapping last two kits in Role menu, BUT atleast i could see names of points on the map. Now i can barely define spawn points names and coordinates, i can't define points names on map in addition game FOV is fixed between 90 and 120. When max FOV on square monitor must be at least 80, i can't even see muzzle-sight on AKM when i aim because in 90 FOV it constricted to LESS THAN ONE PIXEL it looks just too far from the eyes of player. The game just keeping me blind. You don't need to lower minimum FOV on Wide-screen monitors but do separate calculating of min an max fov for square resolutions please. And also you must be awared about pixelization problem in game (somehow only TXAA works but it's too bloory)... Well just belive me this problem is much worse on square with 90 FOV. And thing is this is the first game i have such a problems, i never encountered it in Project Reality or ARMA or Rising Storm, and i really love Squad but it keeps me blind. FOV 90 is like if i would watch from back of my head through eye-sockets. Let us decrease it at least to 80 please and try to optimise UI for 1280x1024. I really don't wanna buy new monitor just because of one game. And how it looks in RS2:VN:
  2. M4 burst mode

    Tried M4 on shooting range today and noticed that if you shoot not all 3 round in burst mode then shooting sound will stop imediately after first round. BUT wait, you actually can't fire just ONE or two rounds of burst IRL, it must ALWAYS be ALL 3 rounds on ONE click. What's the point of that mode otherwise?