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  1. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Hi Mad Ani, I appreciate the reply. I like to load the maps in the shooting range to help me understand the vehicles available, building locations/entrances/windows, and suitable places for emplacements. This knowledge allows me to plan opening moves and become a bit more competent as a squad leader. It takes me a while to do that for each map so, as I play almost exclusively on QFF servers due to the low ping, I'd rather narrow it down to what's actually going to be loaded. Also, when I do join the server, it allows me to understand the upcoming maps and perhaps prepare myself if I do have a opening move plan for that map. If you're uncomfortable releasing the information, it's not a problem. Thank you. Fisticuffs
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Hi Mad Ani, Little Jenny, I'd be interested to see the map rotation lists for the two servers. Is it possible to post those? Thank you. Fisticuffs