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  1. disconnected from queue

    dude it doesn't even show how many on the line and i get this on every single server i try !!
  2. disconnected from queue

    i still need assistance regarding this issue
  3. disconnected from queue

    just updated the driver and the issue still occurs yes it prevents me all the time and like i said i just bought the game never played before and i encountered this issue
  4. disconnected from queue

    CPU : Inter i7-7700k 4.20ghz GPU : nvidia Gefore GTX 1080ti RAM : 16GB Yes i have tried to verify the cache never played it before first time ever and i encountered this issue here's my logfile : https://ufile.io/sk1rc
  5. Disconnected from queue

    Having the same issue pal, still not fixed tried everything
  6. disconnected from queue

    Hello there, i recently bought squad and didn't get to enjoy it due to this issue "disconnected from queue" my network adapter is updated i cleaned reinstalled the game and it did not work if someone knows the fix please help