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  1. Help! New to PC gaming

    I prefer laptop in this regard.
  2. First of all, a big salute to you as you have served your country as a soldier. Secondly, if you have more budget then you must go with Razer Blade Pro because of its great specifications and large screen. Honestly speaking, I always prefer large screen laptops for gaming. My personal experience says, upgradation is a very painful thing and you should buy a good product in advance as compared to facing issues later. Sharing a review of the best gaming laptops with you may be any of them could be in your budget range.
  3. Squad: How to Improve your Accuracy - Squad Guide

    Thanks for sharing such a good video.
  4. Report Abusive Players?

    I never faced any abusive response but if you faced then you must report the player and all of us must strongly condemn it.