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  1. Helicopter Joystick Support

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  2. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Forcing one to engage in 3 dimensional vehicular travel with nothing more than a mouse and keyboard is mental torture. There is so much potential if you offer us joystick support for the helicopters, especially for those of us that want nothing more than to provide heli support for our teammates. By those of us I mean we who spend countless hours on flight simulators anyways and would be invaluable if given the chance at utilizing your helicopters with JOYSTICKS.
  3. Gun doesn't fire until my 3rd or 4th mouse click sometimes. Ends up with me being killed. Also, trigger pull isn't consistent. I'll pull the trigger 10 times and only maybe 6 of the trigger pulls will fire a shot. With Burst fire it is even worse. Burst fire will sound off like it's firing full auto but only one bullet, and it doesn't fire consistently at all. Not a fan of burst fire to begin with anyways. Other than that though, absolutely love the new update. Haven't had this much fun before (when I'm not missing shots at least). Leave the poor poppy alone. If it's bothering you that much though, just pick it out.
  4. Vehicle Terrain Issues

    Driving MTLBs and BTRs around, I've encountered many instances in which I've been pushed off the road by an invisible barrier of some sort. Also, driving around is extremely bump and jittery now. Not sure if can be attributed to lag or terrain bugs. Renders gunners ineffective while on the move.
  5. M4 3 Round Burst vs M4A1

    Damn, wish they all kept the A1. 3rb is messing with my rounds on target, not to mention I'm having inconsistent pauses between firing now.
  6. M4 3 Round Burst vs M4A1

    Not really a fan of the new feature that got rid of the full auto switch on the ACOG M4. We have semi-auto for a reason, and the M4 in the real world only comes in semi or full. If it were the M16 I'd understand, but aren't we trying to prioritize realism here? Any opinions on this? Besides that issue, I love everything about the new v10 update.