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  1. Overall Im loving the V12 changes, bugs aside its impressive, but there is something that is breaking the game in the new update: the imbalance between vehicles and infantry, which is pretty bad for a game called Squad. As an AT soldier you have one AT rocket, this was bad enough already in V11 because some of the vehicles could not be killed even with 2 rockets, hence a full squad, both ATs hitting their shot, still didnt do it, but at least they could chase that vehicle away, and if you miss that one rocket you are sol, but at least you could respawn and try again. Now with the ammo changes and the new vehicles its a complete clustertruck, you get one rocket that does barely any damage to a tank or a heavy apc, and thats if you even hit the shot you get but then, on top of that, you dont get another rocket when you spawn again. What this does is create a vehicle imbalance so bad that a few good vehicle crews working in tandem will push the other team around pretty easily. I have played a very limited number of games in V12 and I have already repeatedly seen tanks completely dominate a capzone even while surrounded by enemy infantry ... because the enemy infantry either literally couldnt do anything to them, no RPG ammo, no way to get more ammo, or couldnt do enough damage to scare them away. The tanks, oh man the tanks, I did some basic testing, it wasnt exhaustive or anything and consisted of me taking realistic shots at tanks on the range, the RPG 7 rockets didnt do anything at all with side hits to an Abrams or a T72, the rear of an Abrams took 4 rockets to kill it, that would be 2 squads worth of AT soldiers all hitting the back. RPG-26 did better, 8 shots to the side of the Abrams to kill one, strangely enough also 4 shots to the back, T72 I lost count with the side shots, barely scratching it. It got even weirder with the HAT, I got two shots to the side of an Abrams to kill it, one to the back, but, the T72 was like 6 shots to the side and two to the back, maybe I hit the turret armor though but I was going for realistic "aim for the best chance to hit" shots. You get the picture. And I know critical points exist but chances of you hitting one are ... well lets just say its not going to happen often. The combination of limited ammo, no ammo reset on spawn, and poor damage to MBTs means that, realistically, only other tanks can fight tanks at the moment, maybe an SPG truck or a HAT if they get very lucky. The way I see it: RPG crews need something like 3 AT rockets to be any sort of competitive and/or the rockets need to reset on respawn, and before people start saying its too many ... no its not, the reload time is long, chances of missing are high, and if a tank drove into an area and stayed there long enough to take 3 RPGS from a single person ... well thats on its crew and it absolutely should get destroyed. Spawning an AT soldier with no rocket is like spawning a medic with no medic bag ... whats the point? Is he supposed to chase infantry around hoping that one of them didnt swap kits recently and has an ammo bag, beg for that ammo bag and then still not have enough ammo for the job? Might as well give him a popgun. Either that or make the heavy AT weapons portable so that you can deploy one without a base...
  2. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I came up with another "realistic" way to balance it a little more: make the rally point a giant ammo bag. A rally point is basically a staging area, the ammo bag (lets say 500-1000 points) represents the supplies the squad hauled in and left at the staging area, essential personnel can use this cache to resupply essential equipment and/or the cache can prolong effective field stay for a squad. When the ammo is depleted the SL has to go back and resupply, which can be done from a supplied FOB, a supply truck or the main base, basically you are having your squad pick up fresh crates of ammo at whatever source they can get it from. The ammo is still limited but at least there is a reasonable amount for a squad going out for an assault. What do you guys think?
  3. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I have played V12 some more and I keep seeing the same things repeatedly: a vehicle shows up and completely dominates an area because the enemy squads have no way of dealing with it, the vehicle either completely shuts down any sort of flanking assault or provides an "indestructible" mobile bunker for the enemy assault, hell I even saw an MRAP doing it simply because the squad trying to hold a flag working from a rally didnt have any rockets or ammo bags left to resupply, this would not have happened in V11 but it did today. This complete reliance on supply crates takes away a lot of mobility. The heavier vehicles are making defending an area damn near impossible unless you have a base set up, just today I saw multiple times vehicles charging into all sorts of infantry to squash their rally because the vehicle crew was confident nothing was going to happen to them, they saw where the infantry was coming from and drove right into the middle of it, because why not?! I saw a tank park itself in the middle of the flag and stay there for about 20 minutes without anyone being able to get close, his back was to the wall, guns looking in opposite directions and his infantry around ... good luck. This is just one day. Persistent ammo, while being more "realistic" I suppose, has added a bunch of inconvenience to the game and broken the AT class completely. Im not sure why it was necessary to add this mechanic, it doesnt make the game more fun, even without it the life of a squad has gotten hard with heavy vehicles but at least you could do something to them.
  4. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Well: for one a tank wouldnt risk doing some of the things they are doing in game in real life, a heavy AT weapon in real life isnt something you need to build a base for, those heavy AT weapons are portable for a reason! Actually, making heavy AT weapons portable would be another way to fix the imbalance! Then there are disabling shots, if you blow a track off of a tank or disable its engine its not going anywhere, a tank crew in real life would be badly worried about getting disabled in enemy territory, in real life there are special vehicles for extracting a disabled tank. Making the tank respawn time 20 minutes long means that if the enemy has just killed your tanks they can literally turn on a kitchen timer and dominate the battlefield for the next 18 minutes knowing you got nothing coming that can take them out quickly/effectively, then they go back to rearm, your tanks arrive to the battlefield all sorts of angry after being cut down for 15 minutes as infantry, they dont find the enemy tanks begin engaging infantry ... and then the enemy tanks return and get the jump on them again, rinse and repeat.
  5. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    So you agree with what he said? You want to spend half the game trying to deal with a few vehicles? You want to have vehicles rushing your rallies without fear? You want vehicles camping spawns with no way to respond? You want them being used for inserting enemy troops into an area you are holding without any real worry or problem? Do you guys understand what this does to the gameplay in general? Maybe Im cursed to see the problems long before most people do but it really is amazing how a mechanic can be so badly broken and how so many people could cheer for it and call it good.
  6. Just what the title sais: a button to consolidate the ammo from your partial mags and fill up as many as possible with the ammo you have left. That way you can avoid having go into combat with 9 rounds in your mag because thats the most "full" one you got while you have enough ammo to fill up a mag or two.
  7. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    You already needed teamwork to chase away heavier APCs, now its just stupid. A tank should never just sit in an area surrounded by enemies and feel comfortable, I used it as an example of how ridiculous the imbalance currently is. I dont want to spend half the game trying to avoid a tank nobody can kill, I dont want to rely on tanks to do all the AT fighting ... because some people are terrible at it but insist on taking tanks and when the enemy team has good tank crews and yours has terrible ones ... that generally means you lose the game, the enemy team will use those tanks to suppress huge areas or cover a push and you cant do anything but hide.
  8. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I did only basic testing on effectiveness of AT infantry after watching it fail in the game and what I got from it was complete ineffectiveness, with this patch it is a kit that can not perform its job against heavy armor, more ammo seemed like a good solution because if you were in a tank that took a hit and you knew the guy probably has a few more shots ... that would make you move. If you took a hit, got barely scratched and then knew he was out and isnt likely to come back with another rocket anytime soon ... you get the idea. Now if you have two AT soldiers in a squad with 3 rockets each they can put down a volume of fire that would make a tank move, they might not kill it but they could at least chase it away...
  9. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Thats exactly right, in V11 there were plenty of times where you would be in a heavy APC, hear a rocket miss or even get hit with minimal damage and say "he is out, we are good". Now with tanks and the ammo shortages you can multiply that by a 100, if two ATs cant even make a tank worried enough to move thats a problem.
  10. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    @suds and how do you picture this? A vehicle is sitting in a position overlooking an area and raping your squad, you as an AT are sneaking around trying to get in for a shot, are you supposed to take an infantrymen or two with you? And thats only if some of the infantrymen on your squad havent switched kits so far and actually still have the ammo bag, and if they havent used it already and they cooperate and follow you and they dont get spotted while following and you survive after your first shot to get another rocket etc etc... Doh.
  11. Hey guys, love the game, long time player with over 1500 hours, generally love V10 so far BUT the new muzzle control is just ... terrible. At first I couldnt figure out what the problem was, I used to average over 20 kills per game and was very good at hitting at distance, then in V10 I was consistently missing people that were just 50 yards away and should have been an easy shot! I played a dozen matches completely dumbfounded and then I went to the range in the game, took out the M4 which is supposed to be the least recoil and muzzle rise and fired it in semi-auto at a wall only 50 yards away, what I saw made my jaw drop, the muzzle rise and sideways movement with every shot are massive and inconsistent, sometimes your gun jumps right, sometimes left, jumps different distances, your character makes barely any effort to stabilize the muzzle and no effort at all to put the gun back on target after every shot, so, after just two shots (maybe even just one depending on distance to target) you are shooting at the sky. And that was just the M4, you can imagine what it looks like when you pick up guns with heavier recoil! I understand this happening in full auto while firing a SAW or an RPK but in semi on an M4 or an AK74 this is ridiculous. I shoot in real life and own many of the guns you see in the game and I can tell you that the muzzle control that your character has in V10 is similar to someone who has barely any if not 0 experience shooting a rifle, like if you gave a 16 year old an AR for the first time and told them to shoot at a target you get basically what I saw in game. Squad always had the sight movement (sway) and even though I thought it was a bit much in certain situations it was still realistic, you just had to keep your stamina up and hold your breath for the shots and you got good accuracy and stability like a trained shooter would, what you get now is a guy that puts a hole in the ceiling when trying to doubletap a target! It gets even funnier when you try to fire a SAW standing up, sometimes the dot comes back to the height where it started, sometimes it stays where it stopped, its a mess, almost as if someone wrote a script that kicks the barrel around randomly and it lands where it lands. It is so bad that I made a forum account to bring it up, seriously guys go to the range and try different guns at a wall 50 yards away, try it in semi, try doubletapping, watch what happens to the muzzle, those of you that shoot will instantly know, the rest of you go watch some videos on youtube of professionals shooting those guns and compare. Fun thing to do: take different guns and try to do rapid semi-auto grouping at 25 yards, you are going to laugh.
  12. V10 weapon muzzle control

    @Gnalvl Mac from Military Arms Channel is great, love his videos! Yeah we have basically determined that a better recoil system is somewhere between V9 and current V10. Ive been playing V10 more and Ive noticed a few things, it seems that the suppression effect isnt aggressive enough when bullets are literally hitting all around you but, more importantly, there isnt enough/any stun effect when being hit, too often you shoot a guy, hit him, he turns around and accurately sprays you because f you for using semi-auto, now you are dead and he is patching up even though you had the drop on him and landed the first shot. The combination of hard recoil on semi and the absence of a stun effect on hit seems to be pretty bad. Some people complained about a 3 shot burst mode but really its more effective at some ranges if you aim it low since you land 2-3 shots at the same time and dont give them a chance to fire back.
  13. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Peerun there are a few ways you can do a base level, the easiest route many games take is just to make bullets fly with a crazy random spread out of weapons, you have your sights right on target, pull the trigger and the bullet goes to the left as if the barrel is damaged, I personally hate that. Squad does it in the 2nd way with the sight drift and recoil, this is very good because it allows for that very accurate first shot since the bullet doesnt trail off randomly, but, it can still be bad if overdone. If it is overdone then in semi you will have too much jump after that first shot which means the full auto will be all over the place, you got to fine-tune it. I believe it needs to be tuned down and the recoil itself should be more consistent, your muzzle brake tends to push the rifle in the same direction by the same amount with every shot, a muzzle brake that pulls your rifle right and down wouldnt suddenly switch and start pulling the rifle left and up, if that happens you are the one doing it by trying to compensate for the muzzle device and overdoing it but if it happens in the game by default then this "overcompensation" is built in. Lets say you are shooting a pistol at a target aiming at the center and your first shot hits the left side of the target but then your 2nd shot hits the right side, this doesnt mean the pistol isnt straight or your sights are off, it means you pulled the muzzle to the left on the first shot while squeezing the trigger and then tried to compensate for it, thinking the pistol shoots to the left, and hit right instead.
  14. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Good-Try Greg lets separate the two: handling the recoil and handling EXCESSIVE recoil, the excessive and random recoil comes from bad weapon handling aka it is BUILT IN when it comes to games! You can adjust your mouse, practice and adjust your play style to COMPENSATE for it but you can not improve it because it is built into the game. The game sais "you are limpwristing the pistol" and now you, as a player, have to learn to get kills within that poor pistol marksmanship <--- just an example, pistols actually do pretty well in Squad V10. In real life you can improve your stance, your grip, your trigger control etc and, as a result, your base muzzle control becomes better leaving you with a much more controllable rifle that you can bring and keep on-target easier, shoot accurately faster and further and so on. The developers of a game like Squad have two options: they can either pick and set your "base" marksmanship level or they can include a "level up" system where your marksmanship starts out poor and improves over time. My complaint comes down to the idea that the "base" marksmanship level we have in Squad V10 is bad.
  15. V10 weapon muzzle control

    @Jiggerlube we do have a stamina system in the game that simulates tiredness to some extent, I suppose you could advocate for another bar like "exhaustion" or for your stamina bar to slowly become depleted permanently the longer you run around but: that would only punish those that survive long enough to cover lots of distance so I dont believe that would improve a game like Squad. Survival games tend to have systems like that to add to the survival element of the game but thats a different sort of game. Setting your default marksmanship in a game like Squad to "tired overloaded guy" doesnt seem like an improvement to me, and on top of that a little Taliban fighter with an AK and some mags would and should have a major advantage in that system since he has no armor or other gear to deal with, his run speed would be higher and his stamina bar would last longer but again: would that improve the game? @fuzzhead I generally agree with you and I am one of the guys that prefer the "ideal scenario" where you are a fresh soldier with good marksmanship skills, I prefer it simply because its a tactical shooter and not a survival game. Could you add more elements to make it more realistic? Sure, you could even add a random exhaustion level at spawn. Would it improve the game though? I dont believe it would. We have a stamina bar that limits your ability to run around non-stop and forces you to plan your movements, in my opinion that is enough. We dont need to drink water periodically or take craps either buts thats not a bad thing is it? @Good-Try Greg never said anything about the game aiming for you, there is a difference between aim and recoil management, there are games that will put you on-target when you mouse close enough to target but Squad didnt and doesnt have that, what Squad did have are avatars that could handle a rifle and what Squad has now are avatars that limpwrist a rifle. Once again, having the game aim for you or aim assist are not the same as having bad gun handling built into the game.
  16. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Good-Try Greg training and practice, I use pistols as an example, most people when they first start shooting a pistol can barely hit a target, then they can hit a target but the grouping is all over, then they can hit a target within a few inches of where they are aiming, then they can increase their rate of fire while keeping that accuracy, there is a progression in the skill, a good pistol shooter will unload the magazine very quickly and hit very close to what he is aiming at, well, same goes for rifles. This is one of my old favorites
  17. V10 weapon muzzle control

    MADsquirrel I dont know if you know this but THERE IS ALREADY SUPPRESSION IN THE GAME, when you are being shot at there is already a very strong suppression effect built into the game, so that whole adrenaline panic tunnel vision is already there and is a separate thing from the issue I brought up.
  18. V10 weapon muzzle control

    jellyswim the point of the video was to show how controllable those rifles can be even with ridiculous full auto. People seem to think that an M4/AR has recoil similar to a 308 battle rifle, they think its realistic, not sure why that is but I have some theories.
  19. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Lets get something straight: Im NOT SAYING TO GO BACK TO V9, I said was that V9 was better than V10 in some particular areas, please stop throwing it out as if V9 and V10 are the two options and you have to pick one, Im saying that V10 badly needs adjustment. For example the LMG class was actually suppression and support in V9, an ACOG could actually hit things consistently at 50-200 yards, being prone actually helped you, slight movement while firing didnt make you throw the gun around all over the place etc etc. @MADsquirrel and @Enders1 Wait wait wait, are you guys telling me that this is the accuracy and recoil management you guys had in the army? A little girl with ironsights could out-shoot you on her first time out apparently. I dont know what else to say here, just lol.
  20. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Stom you just proved my point, you enjoy CQB and this new setup forces people into CQB so you like it. The difference is that I see it as a negative, not the CQB part becase that was always there when storming fobs or on maps heavy with buildings, I see the game forcing you into CQB as a negative. We have a game with huge maps, all sorts of possible engagement distances with infantry weapons capable of accurate fire out to 300-800 yards, why would you want to limit the game like that? Because you like that play style? Isnt that a bit selfish?
  21. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Stom, I will repeat once again, when your character can barely keep the rifle on target at 11 yards ... thats a bad mechanic. Can you learn to compensate for it with the mouse and adjust your playstyle? Yes, yes you could, but thats not skill, thats you fighting the game to be effective. You guys have either never been to a range or are very, very bad shots if you think this is anywhere close to realistic accuracy and recoil. We took a girl out to the range, she has never fired a rifle before, showed her how to hold the AR and the basics, she was drilling the 100 yard target all day long from a supported position at a table, she was something like 110 pounds!!! Let me repeat that, a tiny girl, first time rifle shooting, regular Stag arms DI AR with the A2 birdcage, 100 yards all day.
  22. V10 weapon muzzle control

    odi thanks, I had over 1500 hours before but somehow got below 1400 now, not sure what happened there but whatever. You are right, people dont understand what certain things mean for game survival and longevity, Ive watched too many good games die because of changes made and not corrected and while I dont think Squad will die anytime soon this can definitely hurt the player base when people get frustrated of losing firefights because of game mechanics. Someone has to fight the good fight, I guess Im that huckleberry and I appreciate the support.
  23. V10 weapon muzzle control

    SgrRoss the overall system is good but its just too much, its the feeling that you arent just fighting against the sway and recoil but are also fighting against bad gun handling skills and the resulting excessive and random recoil. I understand putting more skill into it by having the player control the gun more but there is a middle ground between too little and too much, I can admit that V9 may have been too little but I can readily say that V10 is too much. The perfect system is somewhere between the two and the way you will know it is when each class/role serves its purpose perfectly, right now the MG doesnt act like a support role because on a bipod you can out-shoot just about anyone, the rifleman doesnt seem to get any advantage from shooting prone or kneeling, shooting on the move is a joke, the result is that games become campy, people sneak around simply to get within a range they can actually hit something from, people get killed even when they get the jump on someone because their 2nd shot in semi went above the enemies head and then their frustration causes them to try and get even closer next time before shooting etc etc. There is some base level of weapon control that the game should give you, I call it training, your avatar is not some random with a gun but a soldier and they should have a level of marksmanship "built in". Some people like the new mechanic as it is but, the history of video games sais that there will always be people who like the bad mechanics, and then other people stop playing because they dont, and then the developers dont know what the problem is because they have heard nothing but praise, so, the developers change other things thinking those must be the problem and the project goes fubar. I dont really want to argue against people who think its great because that is pointless, those people simply dont want it changed and thats that, but they also dont understand (or dont care) why it is so damaging to the game. I love Squad and that is why Im here, that is why I made a forum account and came to bring this up.
  24. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Peerun did you watch the video Nimbus linked? Watch it and then understand that this is 11 YARDS!!! I dont know what else to say here, this is like talking to people who think modern guns have the same accuracy and control as a flintlock pistol.
  25. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Nimbus that video shows it very well, the avatar can barely keep the rifle on target at 10 meters and the muzzle jumps randomly as if he isnt holding the rifle very well and thats just the M4! And then you went full auto and its a complete mess. Thank you for actually doing this, I was going to record a video like this but you did a great job. I like how being prone doesnt seem to help that much if at all. That moment when your pistol did better than the M4 with a red dot 10 meters Carl! Thats 11 yards!!! Meanwhile in Soviet Russia