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  1. ECB

    Thanks! Hope to see you on again sometime.
  2. [501st] East Coast Battlegrounds

    Community's new Discord link "https://discord.me/501stLegion"
  3. [501st] East Coast Battlegrounds

    Mission Statement: To provide a great community, a great place to learn new tactics, and especially a place for new players/squad leaders. We are a fresh community who are slowly expanding in numbers and are always seeking to find new players to join in on us. We are not just a MilSim Clan but rather a friendly community with high standards. We often do events every Sunday under player votes. Every Sunday is a different event, if you're interested check us out! Our Discord if you have any questions/comments/concerns: https://discord.me/501stLegion Our Server Rules: Rule #1- Treat all players with respect even if they are new. They need to learn somehow! Rule #2- If you Team kill your fellow allies please apologize. NO RETALIATIONS! Rule #3- Disrespect of any staff may result in a kick/ban depending on the case. Rule #4- All squad leaders are required to have a mic and MUST speak ENGLISH. Rule #5- Do not use Logistic Vehicles as transports. This is an occurring problem Rule #6- You can only lock a squad with 4+ players. If you want to have a 2-man squad it must be approved by Staff. Rule #7- Please keep the derogatory language to yourself. For example, racial slurs/verbal threats/discrimination is not tolerated in any way, shape or form. You will receive an immediate 3 day ban. Rule #8- Trolling is not tolerated. Rule #9- Using the command channel as squad leader is highly recommended/encouraged. If you have any complaints on staff or players join the "Report Players" channel in our discord. Any case brought to that channel I will personally and carefully review any reports that are posted on it. Evidence is recommended. To submit a ban appeal, please go to our discord and follow instructions.