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  1. How is the optimisation in v10?

    Processor is the bottleneck for sure. Do you overclock? If not, give that a try as an overclocked 4790k was giving ~90FPS with a 1080ti. Hard drive (SSD) performance is also very important to keep stutterinig on texture loads to a minimum.
  2. V10 Public Test live again!

    Bloody awesome! Only four hours to download ...f#ck BT in the UK for not extending availability of fibre. Protegimus
  3. Marker restriction is absurd

    Playing at 3840x2160 on a 32" screen and the grid lines are also way too thin to be useful. At what resolution and with what size screen do they look ok? I think that the change to such fine lines puts a dependency on using the cursor instead of actually map reading, de-skilling the players; so I'd like to see it restored to the old style grid lines. Also be good to see the SL marker reduced in size again, perhaps closer to where it was as it's large enough to obscure three squad members right now. Protegimus
  4. January 2018 Recap

    Thanks, sounds great. Appreciate everyone's efforts. Sections with Charlie and Delta fireteams in the interface? Zero hour: six o'clock on the 10th Feb? tick, tick ... Protegimus
  5. January 2018 Recap

    Hi, great to see the Brit's are coming along. Bolt release, forward assist, love it! Request: can you please move the iron sights to the rear on the dovetail so that it doesn't obsure the sight picture the way it's depicted in the range video. It's way too obtrusive at the moment. As unfunny_comedian said the large aperture was only intended for low light conditions. It's actually a very similar situation with the G3 in game. You feel like you're looking down the sights from way too far back which makes aiming difficult without using the time limited zoom. G3 is an awesome piece of kit and the HK diopter sights are top notch, so rather compromised just now. 3840x2160 resolution. Can you ask your artists to give it some love Minimi and maybe L129A1 in the future? Protegimus