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  1. March 2018 Recap

    Gib L85a3 and ELCAN LDS. The a2 is being replaced, and the ACOG is gone along with SUSAT being barely used
  2. January 2018 Recap

    As a Brit i couldn't help but notice the dovetail to picatinny mount for the ACOG, I understand that they were used in that configuration for a time and that the ACOG is probably placeholder, but the current issue optic for regular soldiers is the SpecterOS 4× Lightweight Day Sights with a red dot sight on top, looking at the British Army website this is also used on the LSW. Also there isn't the vertical fore grip with integrated bipod nor the rail covers that are pretty standard. As far as I know from when i used the L98A2 (the semi-auto cadet variant) the changing of apertures never actually changed the zero, the small aperture had 200 (i assume for 200m) marked on it and as i was instructed the larger aperture was just for low light. I also assume that the M240 is again placeholder for the GPMG. Cant wait to see that along with the minimi and the Glock and whatever great stuff you have coming down the line, i'm really looking forward to this along with A10.