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  1. Found a bug on Russia side friendly track vehicle did not show up on map. Sensitivity does not want to adjust correctly when lowering sensitivity
  2. V10 Public Test live again!

    Finally get to participate at a v10! Missed out on last one. Going to class coming back and hopefullt play while i can before my wife gets back
  3. Stack-Up Air Assault with Squad!

    On the list! Out of my 8 years I never had a chance to go to air assault school.
  4. Reading the map

    Any Devs want to weigh in on this? It would be cool to see an implementation for v10. Does it give a whole rewrite in coding?
  5. Reading the map

    I dont know if this has been brought up and i might not have seen it when searching. But as an Infantry Mortarman especially at FDC we used the map alot. So we always read a map right and up. Grids are read in 10, 100, 1000 meter grids squads for accuracy. The only reason im bringing this is to add the realism of Squad. If there are any questions regarding implementation feel free to ask!
  6. New to the forums!

    Hey there fellow Squad Players, My name is Daniel. I am new to Squad and have been playing since September. About myself Computer Science major in college and I am a Combat Veteran, did 8 years in the US Army Infantry as a Mortarman. As a combat veteran with 3 tours I do like the realism in the gameplay!