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    [RIP] Narva AAS v1
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    [RIP] v The World tonight people! Join us at 1900 BST and test your skill against the largest community in Squad!
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    [RIP] v The World tonight folks! Join us @1800BST/1900CEST on RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1 & [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#2 Do you think you have what it takes to take on a clan? Join us tonight and test your skills!
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    Join us in RIP v World starting about now!
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    [RIP] in #2
  6. STORY The city has been one of the leading routes of arms and drug traffickers for decades. To stop the trafficking, US forces set up roadblocks across all bridges in the area. The only way to pass the city is through Palace-Mosque checkpoint. The checkpoint is being held by a squad of US soldiers while the main platoon is stationed at the US base. Militants do not like the regular check-ups because it stops them from moving arms and drugs in and out of the city, so they are preparing to attack and destroy the checkpoint. MISSION 1) US Us forces have 1 squad stationed at checkpoint Palace-Mosque while the rest of the platoon is stationed at US base. The mission for the US squad is to hold ground until secured by the platoon. Once the platoon contacts squad in checkpoint US must deconstruct or destroy the radio in checkpoint before extracting. US forces must then exfil to one of the EXFIL FOB position. US must construct and secure EXFIL FOB in one of the possible exfil points marked on the map prior to the exfil. 2) Militia Milita starts at main. Their plan is to destroy the checkpoint and clear all US forces in the area along with every communication assets. Date: 04/03 Time: 1930 UTC Cut off: 1910 UTC Server: [RIP] Match Tournament mode: Yes View distance: High or above Shadows: Medium or above Numbers: 37 v 37 Password: TBA Rounds: 1 or 2 Start as: TBC Vehicle claim: Off Map: Sumari AAS V3 Clan: [RIP] + Community Contact: via discord If your clan wants to participate with a squad or two please PM me or post it in the topic and I will get you a spot.