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  1. General Bug report

    Just made a simple Video showing some issues i've had in the first couple rounds of V10 i'm sure some have been addressed feel free to check it out and i hope it helps Thanks!
  2. OcPJackD YouTube Highlight's

    Just in case someone didn't know
  3. OcPJackD YouTube Highlight's

    ugh makes me sad at least i have fun editing footage!
  4. OcPJackD YouTube Highlight's

    Hey Everyone, I to have found a love for this game and like many others i have decided to share some of my game play, I am new to YouTube and Content creating i am currently working on the quality of my videos while recording any and all constructive feedback is much appreciated and i will be posting videos often and like many trying to increase the quality of the content i post, i am currently loosing quality after editing and uploading but i am working on it Thanks for checking them out if you have the time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiuWD2pgeLY&t