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    Combat Engineer MG.
    US Army.
    Another survivor of two theaters. On behalf of corporations which give zero fucks about a populace, unfortunately.

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  1. I fought the law and the law won

    You should still dispose of the law, animation is fine but uhh I thought that was the aim here "realism."
  2. I fought the law and the law won

    "trow da law"
  3. Music!

  4. Hello All!

    It's only going to get better and better.
  5. Music!

    Cool man, thanks for clearing that up. :) I'm going to share this guy's music because his message is great:
  6. Music!

    555 Triple Nickel is an Engineer Brigade. Unless you mean you were with 555 Triple Nickel Parachute Infantry? Which was disbanded after WW2. Or you were a Pilot?? Fighter Squadron?? Patch doesn't add up. I mean if you just like it as an avatar, that is fine I don't care.. but just confused by your answer now.
  7. Face the Community

    WHOOO DAT Eeeuuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!!! just for shits an giggles...
  8. Veterans...Keep it in your pants!

    Too bad passing exams isn't educating anybody. Just how well you can retain pointless information 75 percent of which won't even be needed once you get to your decided work place. Also, I am all for douche bags keeping to themselves. But I do however find it ironic how these so called Silent Professionals have avatars of themselves in uniform :lol:
  9. Music!

    Minority is that your unit patch or no?
  10. Music!

    Sounds good man! There is a site called wikiloops.com where you can upload your music to an people can add to it internationally. Here's all my little guitar loops : http://www.wikiloops.com/artist/badprimer.php And also, here's some good ole Metallica, *YEEAAHHH*(James Hetfield voice)
  11. VFX Feedback for Bruno :)

    Bruno, you are the shit since PR man keep up the great work!
  12. Music!

  13. Music!

  14. Music!

  15. Music!