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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Fallujah without the USMC just wont feel right
  2. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Make communication between vehicle and infantry more rewarding, and easier. Less dying/ self-sacrifice. Vehicles lose their purpose too easily, especially Logistics. Try to promote more thoughtful gameplay, more risk versus reward. TOWs will be a huge threat. Emphasize vehicles working together. Two vehicles together should be way more effective as a team than solo. Still too prone to flipping. Maybe adding vehicular roles will change that.
  3. Alpha 10.2

    are MBTs releasing on the april 23?

    Thanks for the advice, been in for 6 months now.
  5. New Player Looking To Get Started :)

    stay out of the doctors office and total war Chicago LOL
  6. Placeable Flag Pole! or Flag

    i like this idea, maybe not on FOBs though, this would be cool on flag caps!
  7. As much as i would love for all of these suggestion to be implemented, the devs are more focused on "balance" instead of realism. Even to an extent that is completely idiotic. insurgents taking 4 maybe 5 rounds un armored is alittle ridiculous.
  8. MBT/Tank interiors

    With Arma 3 introducing tank interiors, will we see interiors in Squad, as im pretty sure Post Scriptum said they were going to? This would really set apart these two titles as not many other games have attempted this feat.
  9. M110 - Awfully weak

    You also realize squad doesn't implement any of the things you said?
  10. Do you think there will be new faction

    im really not relying on the devs to add the "fun stuff." After hearing alot of idea not going to be introduced, i am fully dependent on modders and the modding community to add other factions. Other than the UK faction, maybe a middle easter faction, we probably wont see the USMC from the OWI team.
  11. Attachments

    definitely wish we could see more PEQs, seems like theyre issued to almost all infantry. Same with fore grips on almost all classes etc. Maybe even a flashlight or something.

    not much else to say. goat herders wearing towels vs Kevlar. Towel man still takes up to 4 to 5 shots. I feel like there needs to be a way to give the insurgents the upper hand while still giving Russia and the USA the benefit of better equipment. Maybe more tickets, shorter re spawns etc. Now im not saying complete realism over balance, there has to be a happy medium, and right now i think this game is favoring the guys that rush around and spray and prey instead of playing tactical. Thoughts?
  13. How long till it die ?

    Theres alot of features that will hurt this game in the long run. The Devs not pushing for fixed wing aircraft will be a big one for sure, at least for me it will be. That and they arent very transparent with the community.
  14. penetration system/ ricochets?

    I know Post Scriptum is introducing a pen. system with their armor. Will we see this in squad. Also, it is known that rockets do not always explode on impact, will we see ricochets if it is not a solid hit? This can be seen in the movie Fury which portrays it pretty well. Thanks.
  15. Will we see jets in the future?

    Agreed. But coming from someone who comes from PR, with the amount of potential that Squad has with CAS and jets is insane. The counter weapons just need to be strong. Give insurgents Stinger missiles, the ZU, etc. This game can work with all of that. I mean the SMF even confirmed logistic planes and jets.