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  1. penetration system/ ricochets?

    I know Post Scriptum is introducing a pen. system with their armor. Will we see this in squad. Also, it is known that rockets do not always explode on impact, will we see ricochets if it is not a solid hit? This can be seen in the movie Fury which portrays it pretty well. Thanks.
  2. Will we see jets in the future?

    Agreed. But coming from someone who comes from PR, with the amount of potential that Squad has with CAS and jets is insane. The counter weapons just need to be strong. Give insurgents Stinger missiles, the ZU, etc. This game can work with all of that. I mean the SMF even confirmed logistic planes and jets.
  3. PR Vets, vote here.

    damn dude, this is nice shit. Puts all the people saying maps arent for jets to shame. I remember flying MiGs on this map.
  4. re-occurring crash

    I have had multiple crashes mid game stating im am out of video memory. I have an 8gb 1070, 8gb ddr4 ram and NEVER had this problem prior to V10. Really looking to solve this as it is ruining my experience with this game. All of my drivers are up to date, and i have tried a clean re install.

    Whilst i was browsing the SDK modding discord, i saw a barge. I also saw the AAV. This was hinting toward an amphib invasion, meaning there will be a carrier to spawn at, similar to PR. I do believe the current watter is just a place holder, no need to worry.
  6. Will we see jets in the future?

    I feel like most people saying jets have no place in Squad have never played the old version of PR or BF2. I remember before PR had CAS and it was almost in the exact boat as squad right now.
  7. Minigun

    a very unfair advantage with the insurgent zu23? Highly unlikely.
  8. Minigun

    Unfortunately, if we ever see SF, SOF units implemented into the game, we probably wont see the m134 in the game. If you state that it would "confine to the realism of the game," you should know that usually only SF, SOF units are issued mini guns IRL.
  9. Will we see jets in the future?

    fully aware of the map ordeal. Although there has been no hint towards larger maps, could we see it in the future with modders?
  10. British Armed Forces Maps

  11. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Thats why im a fan of player controlled jets, CAS, etc. Also 1000x1000km maps
  12. Total War | Chicago

    Have to agree with all of you about the whole Dr. sham. My first experience in his squad has got to be one of my most toxic in the entire game. I recall spawning in early to walk around and i was immediately kicked from the squad, i had no intention of doing wrong, nor did i have direction. Next round i was in his squad with a fellow AoR member. Him and i went for a flank and it was unsuccessful. Immediately after that i heard the Dr screaming about how AoR lost its competitive match. I no longer play in either of the two servers and advise anyone from doing so. Never met a bigger narcissist than the Dr, he cant even take constrictive criticism. If you try telling him anything he just yells at you and kicks you lol.
  13. Howdy boys. Simple question lingering on my mind after dropping back to PR to check out 1.5. Now i know that maps aren't big enough in the games current state, but will more be implemented? With squad, the sky is really the limit, especially with the addition of mod support. So i guess im looking for a definitive answer. Will bigger maps be implemented, and will jets/CAS be added? Thanks.
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    i wouldn't rule anything out yet. As there is many maps out at the moment, there has been no rumor for the release of bigger maps. I mean, with the implementation of trans heli's, they will probably add CAS, and with that i would think they would add jets. Gorodok is a huge map, and i think it would suit dogfights and CAS.
  15. in-game character voices

    Hello fellow squaddies, if you have been around since the kick starter, you'll remember that the game play was phenomenal, it even included screams from fallen soldiers and in game chatter from the characters. Will this ever be a feature? Seems like this would improve immersion by 50x.