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    Military Simulations, Strategy games, winter activities (HOCKEY HELL YEAH!) and general fun thing with friends.
  1. Unable to Post Topic - error 500

    It worked now! Thanks alot guys!
  2. 10th Mountain Division Squad

    Welcome to the 10th Mountain Division's Server rules, guidelines and general Information. Here at 10th Mountain we hope to foster a fun and competitive Squad server, with active admins and Daily reset's for optimal performance for both us and our players. We hope to allow people a comfortable and save environment to play Squad with us and learn a bit about who we are and what we aim to do. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ByZyVTt Below is most of the information you will need to join and enjoy our server. Discipline:We ban rule breakers not groups of people.. Egregious rule breaking will result in admin action. We may pardon a ban, once, for an acknowledgementof the offense and an apology (which can be conducted via this Discord). Multiple bans or egregious reasons for banning may result in a perma-ban (forever). That said bans are at an Admins discretion and pending my approval for a perma-ban. We will NEVER band a group for one mans actions. And should he have sufficient support we will allow him to return with his friends per a warning. At no time will any such Hacking or Exploitation of the game in ANY way be allowed nor tolerated, if caught doing so it will incur a stage 3 ban right away. Ban Stages: Ban's on our server are at Admin discretion and may be appealed on our Discord Server. At no time will you be BANNED without reasoning or warning. you will be warned prior at all times if you are incurring a ban for your actions, if you do not respond or cease your actions then the Admin is at discretion to Ban you dependent on the Stage you have incurred. You will NEVER be banned for being AFK or High-Ping. 1st Stage: 1 Hour ban [minor] 2nd Stage: 12 Hour Ban [moderate] 3rd Stage: 24-48 Hour ban [severe] Final Stage: Perma-Ban Server & Discord Rules: 1: No Racism or Bigotry 2: No locked one man squads3: ALL Squad Lead's must have a mic, speak English, and attempt to communicate to other SL's4: Acknowledge accidental TK's and misfire's on friendlies in ALL chat 5: Join a squad on entry [No squad means AFK, which means Kick] 6: No attempting to pull players to other servers [basic courtesy, we would not do it to you] Squad Leaders:Teamwork is what counts. Stay humble, stay helpful, and try to show those you are leading a good time. If someone wants to try to learn a kit, give them a chance. If they aren't following orders or taking much seriously, then you may reconsider. Always communicate or you may be asked to forfeit squad leader and may be kicked if you fail to respond to the request. Server Seeding:When server is lower than 20v20, the following rules will apply to help us seed:1. Do not attack or camp or destroy FOBs/HABs/Rallies.2. Do not use any vehicles except the logistics trucks/transport trucks.3. Fight over a single central point or the mid area of the map until seeded.4. Do not place a FOB or HAB within 150 meters of the middle flag. Ping: • Pings consistently over 250 may be warned then kicked Main: Main is not permitted to be camped or rushed, neither is it permissible to place mines around main or set up mortars inside or within 50M of main. This is to allow a fair chance for a counter attack and to allow fair and friendly game play. Nobody likes a spawn camper.
  3. Unable to Post Topic - error 500

    That topic doesn't really help at all. I am not sure of what steps were taken besides the ones I did. I looked at multiple posts and they all ended in the same way, where it seemed that it was something to be done on the websites side not mine. Side note ive tried about 4-5 times waiting a bit between once i figured it may be a glitch.
  4. Unable to Post Topic - error 500

    Hey there, I was trying to set up a server topic for my server i got set up but i keep getting error 500 every time, any way to fix this? I made sure to include rules and all the requirements to ensure players get the best experience with us. Cheers