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  1. November 2017 Recap

    ok, then some optimization for more threads would be useful. if they find the money and time. it will be a step for the people who paid for the game and for those who have not bought yet. the first thing to make the game as smooth as possible. because it's a good game and because not everyone can afford INTEL and they still have FX ...... I will give one example, maybe everyone will want to shoot me here, but for example, battlefield 1 is quite a challenging game for the CPU. and uses all eight threads. on the same HW unreal battlefield 1 runs on ultra with 50 fps. stable ... unfortunately it's all about money, and I know the unreal engine is not simple, for optimal optimization
  2. November 2017 Recap

    excellent news. I hope the update will contain better optimization for amd FX processors. The game now runs much better than before. Many people still have FX processors. My 8 core runs the squad pretty well on 6 cores, the first at times up to 50-80% usage, the second core around 50% and the rest 40-50% usage. CPU usage percentages are quite unstable. I think it's on good way. Please squeeze all the potential from AMD FX