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  1. Logi V10

    I was experiencing an error where my keyboard was still RANDOMLY switching back from English to Slovak (Primary keyboard) during gameplay. Then the key bindings did not work as they should. It was extremely annoying. The only solution was to set the language and keyboard in the system default to English. So now everywhere in the system I'm primarily writing English, thanks only to Squad. I'm trying to test if it's not fixed in V10.
  2. Logi V10

    the_lone_ran9er is your keyboard and language in system default set on English?
  3. Very often it saved me only that I stopped moving. The enemy thought that he killed me. Please give us an possibility play fake dead. Something like a fake pose with spreaded hands and legs on the ground.
  4. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    I'm really looking forward to this game. I want to pay now, lol. I know PostScriptum is built on the Squad system. Does it seem to me or is there more content in Post Scriptum than in Squad?
  5. Squad disables bluetooth headphones on startup

    Not Bluetooth but - I also had a USB connected headset. I still had a problem with the sound loss during play (randomly). I was trying to find but I did not find anything to solve this problem. :-/ No happy ending. So I was forced to buy a headset with a jack connection. I think the squad - and about sound, is not USB friendly.
  6. Back to respawn when shot in the head?

    And what about the execution of the enemies lying on the ground so that they can no longer be revived by the medic? Shot for sure death. People on the ground waiting for revival are totally immortal. It can explode a couple of grenades near them, then the doctor revives them. As if nothing had happened.
  7. The little broken things

    Recognition whether the target is alive or dead: Enemy is prone on the ground and does not move - he's alive. Enemy frantically dancing on the wall or on the ground - I got him.
  8. USB headset help

    No help from community. :-/ I gave up to use the USB headset in the Squad. I bought a 2 jack headset. Specifically, it is HyperX Cloud Alpha. They work very well, so I'm happy.
  9. OMG super solider cheat!!!

    This is quite weak. Yesterday I saw running my SL with his binoculars still on his eyes. It looked pretty weird.
  10. Low FPS and CPU Usage?

    I can not find any page where the startup parameters for sqad would be described. What parameter does and if it is actually working. Something like this (FR): http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/0/458606248624842871/ Translated to EN: https://goo.gl/L4g4w9 But Sgt.Nightfire writes : "This is not ARMA.... So most of those options don't do anything."
  11. Alpha 10.1

    Thumbs up bug and revive teleportation still there in 10.1. It happens to me often when I play as a medic. The bandaging distance is not the same as the healing. It's annoying.
  12. USB headset help

    Could anyone please test your USB headset in V10.1? Plug the USB connector out and in, while the Squad is running. I would like to buy a better quality USB headset, but last time it worked so that when the headset cable was disconnected, the sound of the game was not working. The only solution was to restart the game. I had an inexpensive USB headset, but I still switched off while playing, so it had a hard collision with the floor (GEMBIRD MHS-U-001). If it worked as if it should work, can you please write your model of your USB headset? Thanks.
  13. Low FPS and CPU Usage?

    Is it possible to tweak like this??? Does it actually work in V10? If it did not work, then I would have liked the placebo effect of it.
  14. Medic healing delay in V10

    - Self-bandaging and bandaging of a teammate sometimes does not start. Sometimes I try click left-right-left mouse buttons. Or change direction. Or I try to change the distance - sometimes it's better to be further than closer. Sometimes I stand to make it work. It all threatens me directly and costs time. When you do not have a gun in your hand, you are vulnerable. - If the bandaging process is interrupted , than you can start bandaging again from the start. It's always interrupted by a teammate, when he runs too close to body. - Bandaging takes a lot of time. I would like to clearly know that bandaging is completed. Some better animation or sound? - And what about that teleportation into the air / wall after the revive? - After a revival, my teammate will sometimes disappear. He is invisible to me until he moves. - Sometimes it is very difficult to find a spot to heal. - Players sometimes do not realize they are bleeding. In reality you would feel that you were bleeding. The blinking icon is inadequate. I'm not surprised that no one wants to be a medic, when it works just like this. I totally miss a V9 medic.
  15. Cheaters on Squad ?

    They may just be an error in the Matrix at the end of the round? I've seen it many times. The server lags at the end of the round.