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  1. Try exclude the possibility of what is wrong. Take your PC outside and try to connect it to a completely different connection than you have. (friend, work, neighbor...). When stuttering will be not there, the problem is not your PC, but the connection.
  2. Jokes Thread

    My grandfather was a veteran of the Second World War. During the Battle of Britain in a single day he destroyed 8 German aircraft and killed 20 crew members. He was the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had.
  3. Post Scriptum key

    It looks like I will not play Squad this weekend. https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/617913/post-scriptum-play-test
  4. Alpha 11

    And dont forget investigate also revive and healing on second attempt too. Animation and sound are there, but nothing happens sometimes.
  5. bipod sniper class

    I realy like Red Orchestra 2 style, where you can stabilize your weapon on objects or walls.
  6. 3000hrs+ suggestions

    I need this:
  7. Field Bandage Glitching

    Sometimes after the revive, the player is hiding underground - in front of me. The circle is his head. When he moves, I see him normally then.
  8. Field Bandage Glitching

    I would be so happy, if the bandaging yourself would work was also with one click and could be interrupted by any click. And it would still be 100% clear when the bandaging was completed. Some sound or icon or text. Countless times I thought I was already bandaged and guess what ...
  9. Missing HUD elements

    also missing some map elements. icons of hub, vehicles....
  10. Field Bandage Glitching

    Sometimes it looks like the body shown as if it were in a completely different place than a hitbox. You just have to find the hitbox, not the body. Very hard sometimes, when downed soldier is dancing breakdance down the hill. In version V9, if I could not find a hitbox, it was enough to find and bandage a gun on the ground.
  11. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    It would be good if SL could place the map marks on Jensen's Range. For mortar training. And also a few Tekkies randomly placed on the map. If they disappeared from the map when mortar shooting, so one would find he could control mortars perfectly. Or 10 Tekkies on 100-1000 range? Then, training RPG, SPG, GL would be much more fun. Is there anyone who has not tried to massacre that big cluster of vehicles with mortars on this map?
  12. Yesterday, I had to go closer (Marksman) because I was shooting into invisible objects in the train tunnel. I was 300+ m from the target. This was one of the reasons why I uninstalled Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. I would appreciate if you could set the LOD for the optics separately for us with NASA computers. I just do not know if this is technically possible. But it would be a disadvantage to others again. Or not?
  13. Team commitment .

    I'll join the server. I see locked squads meaningless. I do not see any of our HUB. I see no one defends the last taken flag. I'm trying to switch to another team. Impossible. I'm disconnecting from server. It's no fun to be in a very weak or strong team. The best ones are always games that ends like 20:0 (not 385 : -20).
  14. staging phase = no vehicle startup

    These engine sounds only unnecessarily interrupt the song selection of local DJ's in proximity voice chat.
  15. The Wrench -- April 2018

    Just wondering, where and on what servers are all those super mod maps active? I subscribed to "Strike on Karkand" on the game workshop, but I managed to try it only once. And there were like 8 players. Since then I have not seen the map anymore.