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  1. No servers in server browser

    is impossible, but i'll try. I will, thx! ))) Firewall settings, i tried all variants, no changes..
  2. No servers in server browser

    @beginna, sorry dude, i send you answer in report lol... The problem is not solverd, but I found an alternative solution. - I turn off the home internet in the adapter settings. - I connect the smartphone(android) to the PC and activate the USB modem function. - I find the server, I connect and activate the home Internet in the adapter settings. - I'm playing The problem with my router, i think...
  3. No servers in server browser

    The problem with my router. I try connect with my phone (usb modem) i see servers.....
  4. PC configurations: Acer Aspire g7750 - i7 930 - GTX 960 4Go - 8 Ram - motherboard is ACER MB.SCP01.001 2 Monitors (maybe important) ------------------ I read many posts, tried all the options, does not help... i tryed: - Windows reinstall - Update Video Drivers - Reinstall directX - Reinstall/repair C++ 2013,2015,2017 - Reinstall FrameWork - Disable Firewall and antivirus, made authorisation rules in firewall and anticheat ( Inbound Rules ) - Reinstall SQUAD (delete all files, %localappdata%\Squad ) - Disable (run as Admin permisions) - Reinstall and repair EasyAntiCheat - Open ports - Reboot router - Reinstal Steam - Ping limit 500 in steam - Internet Protocol 6 disable - CMD Ipconfig -I tryed Steam>View>Servers>Squad Servers (here i see servers, but can't connect) =================== No more ideas. A few months ago, I played without problems. Internet provider: SFR By Red After 30 min of pressing refresh button