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  1. [ZFG] | Recruitment

    ZFG Update DISBANDED - 08/02/2018
  2. [ZFG] | Recruitment

    ZFG Update As ZFG are getting more involved in the competitive side of Squad we are actively looking for competitive players as well as casual.
  3. [ZFG] | Recruitment

    ZFG Update New Trainee's Recent: CallMeKenny Cevik Kuvvet Mike Hoperfield ☣BaTTerY☣ Ravenite Dante squirrel_hax
  4. Website Error 500

    Thanks for helping me out its just pending approval
  5. [ZFG] | Recruitment

    [ZFG] "Zer0 ****s Given" INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to Zer0 ****s Given , I would like to invite you to join [ZFG] a new group/clan that has only recently just started, we are here to either help experienced players find a group/clan or even new players a place on how to learn to play squad, and give a good gaming experience , we are based on Teamwork. We do not expect anyone to do anything that they do not want to but we would like all players to take a part in trying to push ZFG forwards and working better together. ZFG is all ran by its members so their is no arguments about what people will be doing if one person does not like it. We are a group/clan that have a passion for squad and have a particular game style that is very relaxed. Zer0 ****s Given [ZFG] Currently 20+ Active Members Zer0 ****s Given [ZFG] are a group/clan that do not currently own a server but are working towards one in the near future. We are a clan/group that like to have fun but at the same time work as a team to dominate the opposing team. We accept players that will be active from all around the world. Zer0 ****s Given Rules Be Respectful to each another Do Not Recruit from other communities servers Respect everyone you encounter Have Fun Zer0 ****s Given - Recruitment We are looking for dedicated players that can play at least 2 times a week, can listen to SL, bring skills in to the group/clan. How to Join [ZFG] ? Age 16+ Any Amount of hours in game Having a Discord Working Microphone and Headsets English Speaking and Typing When joining [ZFG] you will be put on to a Trainee role just so that you are able to test out if you enjoy playing with us or not. Trainee is for minimum of 1 week. In this week you are expected to play as much squad as you can so that you are able to get to know the members with in [ZFG] and get confident to speaking and communicating. So that you are able to efficiently work in game with those you are use to talking to. To become a full member you will find out when you have entered the trainee stage. Zer0 ****s Given - Discord Join us on our Discord Server, we have many friendly people that are willing to help. We also play many other games together but our main one is squad but if you are looking to play other games come and check out our discord. If you are not thinking of joining us you are still able to play squad with our members if the squad is not full of ZFG and that way you are also able to experience a good time. See you on discord. https://discord.me/zer0-****s-given https://discord.gg/pgxequj Recruiters http://steamcommunity.com/id/JVoyle/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077956187/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198439096184/ If you are unable to get in touch with any recruiters try the steam group or message someone in discord. Zer0 ****s Given - Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZFGSquad
  6. Website Error 500

    Hi every time I try and post in Teams & Clans I always get a error 500 and unable to post my topic.