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  1. Squad (Menu and ingame) has 0.005 fps

    Here's the promised video It did start working for a bit but then it returned. Radeon ReLive sadly crashed when going into game, where everything went smoothly (maxed out at 80fps and lowered to 50 in some situations, server was at 70 people, average was about 55-60). The performance debug numbers always stayed between 10 and 21, no number went red. Audio comes from rD's Stream.
  2. Squad (Menu and ingame) has 0.005 fps

    Just finished the clean install, still get the bug. Will record a video now
  3. Squad (Menu and ingame) has 0.005 fps

    Followed your guide on how to do it in another post you did, thank you anyway!
  4. Squad (Menu and ingame) has 0.005 fps

    Looked at the post you provided, he describes a similar issue to mine but he get better fps ingame. It's pretty much the same issue.
  5. Squad (Menu and ingame) has 0.005 fps

    Thank you for the quick answer, reading up on the issues I decided to do a clean install, but if that doesn't solve it I'll try your solutions, thanks! Edit: Is it possible to change to values in the files instead of ingame? Or set them as start parameters?
  6. Squad (Menu and ingame) has 0.005 fps

    Hello! I've got trouble with the main menu and the game itself... I load the game up and then it loads into the main screen where the screen just doesnt update or if it does, it's every 20 seconds or so. What I mean by this is the mouse doesn't move except when I alt-tab out and place the mouse where I would want it in Squad, where I then am able to click, but the screen doesn't update, but it registers the action, as when I alt-tab out and then alt-tab in again it shows the clicked menu. This sadly makes it nearly impossible to play, as it's a PITA to select a server... I'd prefer to not do a clean install as it'd take me quite a while to download it. It ran perfectly fine (60fps on half full servers, dropping down to 40-50 when full) a couple of months ago and I didn't play because of personal reasons. Specs: I3-4160, R9 280X, 8GB RAM; All drivers (GPU, CPU, etc...) are up to date. I'm using two screens, both at 1920x1080. Temperatures shouldn't be an issue, as Squad didn't max out the system when I played last. Thank you very much! Edit: Just managed to get into a game and it looks like it runs at 0.005 fps but the steam fps counter says 50 (full server)