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  1. FOB placement

    Most of the games i play, Squad leads have this obsession of placing FOBs directly on a cap zone, thinking of it as a great strategy. Often times I see FOBs placed on cap zones to be overrun fairly quickly. Squads need to start putting FOBs and HABs in more strategic points that aren't so close and not so far. So many players in this game are lazy in that they don't want to run to an objective that is 200m away.
  2. Infrared for Vehicles

    give certain vehicles Infrared vision for the driver and gunner I think this would make them less vulnerable and much more useful in gameplay, especially on heavily forested maps.
  3. All units in irregular factions to have binoculars.

    I see where you are coming from, but I think Squads just need to have more Comms discipline. Implementing this tool for Milita/Insurgent forces would decrease a lot of the vulnerability issues they face currently in the game. I think squads simply just need to spot enemy by saying: type of unit, direction (bottom of the screen compass), and distance. Having good intel on enemy movements is vital for a team to effectively coordinate themselves accordingly.

    So, like in Project Reality, before the round even starts, Squads would be created signifying which vehicles they would claim and how only that squad would utilize it. I don't want it exactly like Project Reality, but I am hoping that in the upcoming updates there will be vehicle-dedicated squads and they would have priority for that vehicle. I'm specifically talking about heavily armored vehicles like Tanks, 30m vehicles, armored fighting vehicles, etc.. Adding dedicated squads to these types of vehicles allows squads to focus on their role in the game. Often times I find infantry squads that try operating Styrkers and coordinating with their infantry don't communicate effectively, as opposed to a 4-man squad solely operating two strykers. Please tell me what you think, and add in anything you want regarding this! Thanks!
  5. Ideas For New Roles

    pretty much this I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, BUT I think a Sniper role should be added (limiting the availability to two per team like in Project Reality). I really hope for the breacher kit they include (if they even add it): -Primary weapon -Shotgun -some kind of grappling hook -c4/tnt to blow up Radios or HABs