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  1. ok so the current meta in squad is to kill the people running the truck and leave it there thats great and everything smart gameplay 10/10. but it takes away from the teams ability to enjoy the game and kinda making it a low key troll move. so it would be nice if the logistical trucks ticket value was equal to whatever a radios ticket value is (10) to kinda shift the focus to destroying and letting them respawn this would also make a logi truck more valuable than say just a gun techie or mrap vic which seems fair. i feel like this would eliminate some steamroll type situations and make the game more fun overall even while your loosing. it would also hopefully make people play smarter with the logis to counter the greater value of them.
  2. Insta-Death?

    ok so its been a couple patches now sense the removal of instadeath. i find on occasion that more than half of my kills are revives that seems very steep. i would say this happens about 10% of the time or so. so my take on insta death is it needs to be part of the game or its removal better compensated for in related mechanics like bleed out timer. i feel like if insta death is just an absolute no go then a sub 1 minute bleed out timer should be incorporated i realise in no way real but i feel like you would bleed out fairlly quick from several shots. if insta death was to be added again perhaps only to certain types of death situation like being blown up by any sort of explosive or fragmenting thing, dieing in a vehicle, being hit by any emplaced machinegun round or above(not a 1 shot kill but if this was to be what killed you. u get it). obviouslly i will say the headshot and knife kill but that would be more as a reward based on luck/skill this would also add incentive to headshot slightlly without really changing the damage system in any way because it is rewarded with instant -1 ticket. beyond my kd's i very often see vic kd's with about half there kills revived miostlly due to engaging infasntry at range and not getting all of em and thats like basically every game not just a handfull of times. so i feel something should be done about the ease of such drastic differances in downs and kills numbers im sure not all will agree anything needs to be done or this is the way to do it. just my thoughts.
  3. ok so what ive come to figure with this one is. its based off of entering the vehical and switching seats counts as like exiting and entering the vic. ive also experianced a bug where a players ghoast was occupying a seat but his modle wasnt there. so maybe its something like the camera and controls move to driver seat but ghost stays on gunner. but that dosnt make sence because someone else can get on the gun no problem
  4. the seat switch bug

    and its tied to the vic the bug is so like dieing dosnt fix it but blowing up the vic will reset anybody who got the bug on that particular vic. i get it on every vehical after like 4-5 times some just hoping out for rallys or w/e and driving again some switching back and forth between seats
  5. Alright this game is literally one of the best shooter mil sims i have ever player as a whole its great i could nitpick if i wanted to but for what it is and what its trying to do its the best however, the community is anything but they are quite literally the most cancerous community you will ever run into and if your not willing to change your name after every dispute with anybody be prepared to be banned from servers for no reason and in general harassed by people who think they know how to play the game but really have no ****ing clue. So what i am asking for is 1 or 2 servers supported solely by the developers with no admins or anything of the sort perhaps also reduce the auto team kill kick limit to like 2-3? and just let the chaos reign. being quite frank i am banned on literally 98% of squad servers do to run ins with people who want to tell me how to play the game and they dont even have 1/3 my hours and then because they own the server or know the guy who does i get banned because i didn't want to play the way they wanted me to literally. i see the servers come up during free weekends and what not so please just ad 1-2 permanent un moderated servers to squad. i realise the responses to this is just buy your own server. No. I dont want to manage a community i dont want to bother with weeding out shitty admins and legit players who got banned by them its a hassle and you have to build your server coummunity or else it will just be a dead server. But a freeform unmoderated squad server i feel would really add to the game in a couple ways. It will allow for the testing of new strategys and fob locations against an unpredictable enemy would drastically reduce the A type personality that squad seems to bring out in people unmodderated servers will really help the game grow. Why would it reduce the A typer personalitys you might ask. because people on the unmoderated server would know that there is nothing to be done about what the other guy is doing and will either result in more cohesive team work or a fragmented team that just gets steamrolled because kicking them wouldnt be an option. all in all wonderful game and if your a player who fits into one of the many communitys within squad thats great but if you dont want to conform to the way they think it should be played its not going to be as enjoyable of a game squad is also the first game i have run into that dosnt have its own free form servers but they do add them on free weekend so please add 1-2 permanent ones it will really help the game alot and the team kill kick reduction
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I havent even played it yet but am highlly concerned with the removal of pings insta death on incap kills and the ability to put a rally next to a friendlly rally for no reason. The Ping. Highly valuable tool for communicating in squad trying to find h-6-7-9 sub key 3 sub key 2 subkey 8 in a fight ins complete crap "there on the ping" is so much easier and faster and non reletive to the individuals position. removing the ping slows down combat comms. The Incap. This removes the punishment of death slightlly punishes lone wolf behaviors like if you rolled up on a logi killed the sl waited for revive killed him again that squad is done but now they can just revive and revive untill out of bandages thats silly. The Rally. The entire point of the rally is you have to have other people with you to place it v12 you removed spawn count and made it infinite which drastically changed the way game was played and promoted bad squad leaders who would not move there squad around and get them wiped and now you introduce the ability to put a rally on a friendly rally after they get wiped on a point? like what exactly was the point of going through all that work to wipe the squad if they are still going to be in the area? so now you effectively have to wipe the entire attacking element to deal with a single squad instead of breaking down an attack one squad at a time? idk guys that seem really really bad. And also through this mechanic a squad can essentially teleport to the other squads rally through the new rally mechanic and death. no need to spend time and resources getting there. this is a terrible terrible addition please remove the rally on rally system
  7. Game needs non owned servers

    check out this video it depicts my play style and the power hungry control freak aspect of the admins i run into on many servers. keep an eye on the chat box. all beit the play did fail last second we recovered and won the game easily. also note how all attacking squads are on the same approach and its my fault stiill for leaving the deffence point because the simply did not want to spawn on the fob we had on papanov. Yet i had an admn badgering all chart just looking for someone to kick its disgusting he wasnt even playing the game just looking to assert his power over the server its straight cancer
  8. Game needs non owned servers

    thats a ****ing lul. I litterally run into this on admined servers on a regular basis. you litterally proposed nothing new that dosnt already happen in the game. there is currentlly a bug in game where a squad leader vehicle approve orders are universal and therefore allowing anybody who is not in there squad to ask for a vehicle and the next time a squad leader approves a vic they also get approval. u can resupply ammo from the truck. its amazing that there is this much resistance to unmoderated servers. i feel like that itself really shows a need for them. i am by no means advocating the removal of current moderated servers. simply saying there needs to be more options for people to play the game. you clearly have an extreme lack of skill within squad because 3 mags is more than enough for a run the people who need ammo are the defenders. ur gonna talk to me about not knowing how squad works and u dont even know how the mute function works cmon dude. and if your solo what are the chances of u running infront of the same guy 3 times? if u r constantly spawning at main or at the hab lol. again making vics require a minimum of 3 man would solve most vic issues 3 man is a full tank squad enough people for a radio anough people to cap a point. the resistance to something that would litterally have no affect on your playing of the game is silly and dumb. we should all be looking for ways to expand the player base of squad so the game dosnt go under and fall to the squad die hards only instead of resisting it when it has no affect on you. seriouslly. all of the examples provided already have been figured out by players as to how to deal with the situation some of them not so easily dealt with due to current bugs but they will be fixed and ironed out. its clear you have no understanding of squad as a whole or near my experience with the game.
  9. Game needs non owned servers

    In theory its a plausible idea but in reality the servers that tried it didnt last a month because people were screaming for admins and because its expected to have admins and they didnt do anything nobody played on the server. having a server with everybody knowing that there is no admins would change the mentality of the players i cant explain it very good but because the capability of doing something was there and nothing was done it pissed people off but if there simply wasnt the ability to do anything about it they wouldn't get as mad. it seems like you actually need to have atleast one other guy in your squad in my experience which i admit is probably not as much as some but more than most. they could add a minimum limit to squads who can get vehicles like say 4 man squads can have there own vic's but 3 and under have to ride the transport or w/e. but again none of these arguments are valid reasons for not implementing freeform servers as i said before this type of stuff would be going on on both teamas therefor balancing itself out. I dont need a fob to keep a squad in the game the whole game they are important not critical. anybody who dosnt like the free form servers could simply join a heavily moderated sever. I personally am not a fan of being micromanaged while im playing a video game mostlly by people who dont understand the more subtle aspects of squad. And by adding the unmoderated servers would allow more people options to play the game the way they wanted therefor expanding the player base. It would be easy to see really they start with just 1 unmoderated server right lots of intrest in that form of play would = a huge que of people trying to get onto the server no que would indicate nobody is interested in that style of play. i feel it would litterally expand the player base of squad as it allows for more play styles and thats what really matters. people joining thosae servers would know what they are getting into and wouldn't mind.
  10. Game needs non owned servers

    that situation would actually fall on the squad leader do to him having to approve the logi. So im sure your next argument is a group of people could ruin it for everybody but thats ok because theres a fair chance both teams would have some amount of crap. To use that as a reason not to provide unmoderated servers is kinda silly. Also people who wanted a highlly moderated versin of squad could simply join one of the many existing servers and be told exactly how to play.
  11. toe bug

    alright i realize this isnt a big deal but i tested it on multiple players and had pother people test it. the feet take different amounts of damage by 2x (from pistol i was a medic so i could see the damage) so this leads me to believe other hit boxs and damage could be off as well because ive seen some pretty questionable onetaps and ive been getting one tapt about 10x more often than pre v10. i have video but i figure its a simple test to show im not making it up lol
  12. toe bug

    i was in the train tunnel on the new snow map belya i think idk its the new map though and i was militia. idk if any if this helps or what idk anything about development
  13. shatter able glass

    ah god thank you i just assumed from its duration it was intentionally changed really glad to hear this
  14. ive noticed that damage through techie windows has been removed and or greatly reduced i believe this gives the techies a huge advantage and those are they are faster than the vehicles that the ru and Americans have there are way more techies per team than Humvee or Armour and so what i would like to see added is 3 shot window that shatters after the third shot allowing you to do direct damage to the cab occupants of techie trucks i believe this is fair as it would not be a complete death sentence trying to sneak out in a logi or similar. i would also expect this to be implemented on the larger trucks aswell. or perhaps if that is to much work in coding perhaps maybe 33.3% damage so it would be 9 body shots or 3 headshots to kill occupants either or but the bullet proof techie windows are op i have literally put 20 rounds into a guy through the windshield to no avail and honestlly that was my favorite part or squad was the epic vehicle head shots sorry for the ramble but please seriously consider this
  15. shatter able glass

    frankly i feel this is a valid solution to this. and please feel free to disagree but please provide points to your argument as apposed to the i said so so its fact method of arguing. i have almost 1k hours split between when you could shoot through windows and now when you cant. its quite a noticable advantage all other factors considered. and frankly i felt way more immersed when i could shoot into the cars. the inability to do so requires squads to rely moreso on lat and underbarrel kits to deal with all vehivle threats as apposed to just armour therefor you now have no lat when you encounter armour. so perhaps if its completely unreasonable to add this type of damage back into the game then perhaps lat kits could get +1 rocket ammo or something to compensate for the now ridiculous amount of vehicles that only those kits can deal with. ive kinda been on the fence about making a post like this but i feel like it drasticlly upset the balance and immersion of the game which is why i loved squad so much in the first place
  16. shatter able glass

    you couldnt come up with a more well thought out post than windscreens dont shatter? cool story bro they dont stop bullets either get at me now? or maybe you can stop to consider the fact that every faction has some armour and some have 2 techies for every piece of armour on the apposing team.