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  1. Hahahaha. Fair play. Still would love to hang with you guys.
  2. Looking for a fun /funny clan

    Looking for a clan for a buddy and I. We're both medics but comfortable playing other roles (me as SL, if needed). Mostly EST play times. We're looking for something like ZF clan (don't take it too seriously) but still play to win. Hit me up! <3
  3. Steam name yourboyblue Age 34 Place of origin* USA - EST Why do you wish to join? Need a clan that knows what they're doing and has the same sense of humour What is your preferred class to play?* Medic or SL, but mostly medic What can you help 66th with?* Bringing the lulz. I'm kinda hilarious What are your goals in 66th?* To bring glory to mother Putin!