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  1. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    GOD NO. I've played games which were cross-platform and the console population is always outright CANCER with a few exceptions.
  2. Good to be young again.
  3. I stand by this entirely. Good to see a mix of opinions. I stand by mine that the animation speed for prone in the beta was a tad too casual. Hell, I'd be all for it eating off the stamina bar. No one is talking about getting rid of it. Nobody is talking about diving. I just had an idea that I thought would increase the movement options. Oh sh*t .... I shouldn't have said that. They'll think I'll be advocating rolling out of the way next.
  4. That's what I mean. Sure it would hurt, but a lot less than a bullet. And OF COURSE after dropping with all that gear you would sure as hell not be able to immediately shoot back, hence the penalty I was describing.
  5. Hey guys, I finally just made an account to post on the forums, though I have over 700 hours in the game and care about it greatly. I am really stoked for V10 since the public beta and love the fact that drop shooting is going the way of the dino. With that said I want to make a suggestion to improve it a little bit; The suggestion: When you hit "z" to prone and your character initiates the animation, allow the player to hit '"z" again mid animation to drop to the ground even quicker but suffer a massive penalty to accuracy and a 3-5 second time gap to align while ADS after hitting the ground. The reason for this suggestion: The new animation to go prone is excellent but is way too slow/casual for trying to hit the ground when you suddenly start taking fire. I fully understand that with all the gear a soldier carries one doesn't simply drop onto his stomach. However if its a matter of life or death you should have the option to hit the dirt faster than the V10 beta animation allowed BUT at an induced penalty that prevents immediate instant return of fire. What do you guys think? Regards, Luko