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  1. @Hugoboss This is the other friend i talked to you about, also a cool guy
  2. @Hugoboss This is who i talked to you about, he's a really cool guy
  3. Steam name Javier1zq Age 19 Place of origin I'm from Venezuela but im currently living in Spain Why do you wish to join? Im looking for a clan that can be serious when it has to, but can be flexible and allow to have fun What is your preferred class to play? I prefer to play medic,driver/gunner, marksman or AT, although ive been starting to play squad leader since ive already played for a little bit and im starting to like it a lot. So i basically like to play everything except resupplying fobs, but hey! someone's gotta do it right? What can you help 66th with? I have experience with clans, ive been an "officer" in most of te clans ive been in, but all in all im just a friendly person that likes collaborating, What are your goals in 66th? SLAY THE HERETICS, I mean hopefully i can make some friends and just play squad and have fun playing a glitchy walking simulator where you ocasionally kill people (jk i love this game)