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    Any idea if squad will be released on Stadia !? Would be cool to play SQUAD on MAX 4K settings! PC and my 50" TV ;D with keyboard and mouse!
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Buddy Rally system is quite controversial because its badly implemented. BR would be a great addition to squad if it wasn’t so easily prone to exploitation. If the BR system was tweaked to only be available in emergence situations rather than something that is accessible at all times, even when there is no real need for it, people would be more welcoming of it. Right now, the BR sys feels like a function thrown in to public testing to elicit a player reaction rather to test a solid tool. Improve Buddy Rally sys. One way of making the BR sys relevant, would be to make it available to squad leaders only when no other spawn options existed on the map (as far as HABS are concerned). As long as you had one HAB left the Buddy Rally sys would be locked. This way the HABs would be important part of squad and the BR sys would be used in a proper way, as a last-ditch effort to regain a foot hold, also the BR sys would be closed to abuse as a rush mechanic when other means of spawn are on the map. You can add a activation timer to the Buddy Rally sys so it can't be abused as a spawn rush tool at the start of the rounds.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Allready new META in squad, fastest way of exploiting new RP sys. One squad leader rushes proximity of the forward cap on AAS, because Fog of War is broken in AAS. (If you know the layout of the flags, the fog of war don’t matter in AAS as the caps are not randomised, and the caps come up in the order they always did, all u need to do is memorise the flag locations.) The SL that rushes the cap, puts a RP down and all other SLs waiting in spawn put their own RPs on his and spawn-rush at the cap. GJ on breaking the rush meta and creating zerg meta, thru really points.
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    This is exactly the attitude that festers within the majority of the squad player base now days. People don’t want to put the effort into giving out friendly reminders or teaching other players to learn to call out simple coordinates on the map . No wonder the 80% majority of skilled and quality players base on public servers have gone down the drain. This is exactly why skilled squad player base is dying slowly. So sad so see. Thank you for reinforcing my point.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    The Ping mechanic is such a lazy system. It literally removes the need to learn and read the grid system on the map. Ever since the “lazy ping” was implemented, I have not heard a single call out by grid. WHY even have the grid sys and coordinates ingame, if Mr.lazy can ping, ping and ping and ping and ping... u get the point! What this Ping system has done is turned lazy players into entitled children not wanting to learn effective communication. I'm against anything that is in a way, a dumbing down of squad. What you have ended up with is, "ENEMY ON MY PING, LOOK AT MY PING, OMG PING! PING!...." and as SL all I see, is a flurry of spam clicking on the map. Its so bad. Remove it, and people will be forced to actually put effort into improving their communication skills.
  6. T-72 VS TWO M1A2 ABRAMS.

    Thanks Raging for watching, glad u enjoyed it gone make some more for your viewing pleasure ! Have a good day!
  7. T-72 VS TWO M1A2 ABRAMS.

    A memorizing experience, & a bonus clip at the end for some fails enjoy !
  8. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    I miss Operation First Light. One of my beloved and favorite maps in Squad, what happened? Why was the map removed from the Squad? I’m sure there is a majority of Squad Players, who wonder the same thing. Does anyone ales in the Squad Community want to see First Light to come back?
  9. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts and options! I’m not a fan of locking things either. However, humans by nature choose the path of least resisting and the “give up” button is no exception to that rule. In fact, its radically over used in almost all situations, even with a medic few meters away people are using the “give up” button. Reason for this in my humble opinion is because, the consequences for using the “give up” button are not serious enough, so either the “give up” button needs to be managed or the aftereffect of carless use of your “give up” button should be increased to 2 tickets per death instead of 1. I love the idea of having your “give up” button not available until your bleed out timer hits a certain stage, let say at 60% bleed time the “give up” button become available to the player. I would like to see the “give up” button be unavailable for the downed player, giving the medic the time to deal with multiple casualties and at the same time holster that muscle memory of the player to instantly press the give up button. Everyone agrees in the community that “give up” button needs to be nerfed. Part of the problem is that the “give up” button is so accessible unlike typing “respawn” in the console. Most of us would agree that the commend “respawn” is used extremely rare compared to the “give up” button, it feels like two extremes at each end, we need to find a middle ground. One is over used (Give up) the other is hidden and almost never used, (Respawn) unless you get bugged or glitched. I don’t think anyone in the squad community would come out and say that the “give up” button is not impacting the matches in a negative way. Because it is, I think there is a need to step back and take a look at the “give up” button and rethink its usefulness and minimise the impact its having on the outcome of the game. To some degree I think having the “give up” button available to such an extent is also feeding into teaching public players bad habits, these behaviour patterns are to some extent blamed on the game design, as it’s a freebie for all to abuse the availability of the “give up” button. What do you think !?
  10. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    Thank you for responding Smee, I’m affirmed its already a work load not having this kind of feature in place as I’m referencing from experience. Keeping an continues eye out for players giving up is a workload, having lock and unlock is to easy that workload for SL's, My suggestion is having the option for ppl that want to conserve tickets and have a more organized spawn. And if you don't like it, you don't need to use it, its just there...if you do.
  11. Lock & Unlock / Enable & Disable “Give Up” Button on the go. Majority people on this site and I presume dev team are in favor of adding and improving quality of life components to the game. I might be wrong, please do disagree with me, if I'm. But giving the player options in the way they want to play is never a bad thing. As a community of squad players, we already have lock and unlock feature for squads. I would like to make a humble suggestion to extend that aspect to counter act the reckless habit and careless behavior of majority player in squad right now, that are pressing the “GIVE UP” button as soon as they are in a down state. It saddens me to say this, but the “Give Up” feature has become an epidemic and needs to be managed, on squad to squad bases. I would strongly advice the devs to impower SL’s, who want their squad members to learn to play correctly and wait for medics until their bleed timer is up. I would like the developers to explore the idea and test the waters, find out if a tiny change like managing to enable and disable the “Give Up” button for SLs and let them choose when its the right time or practical to activiate squad members spawn in. A good example for why implementing a “lock & unlock” feature to the “Give Up” button is a good idea. Would be in game modes like invasion or insurgency where ticket management is a win or lose situation. Something I see 100% of the time in publics, is squad members pressing "give up” and respawning on rally point, charge into enemy solo, die and rinse and repeat. I personally am interested in having a group ready to spawn in, rather then seeing my squad members trickling into a assault area like a ivdrop. Having said that, I understand you can tell your squad to wait for each other at a rally, but its not a effective tool in pubs. As a SL It's time consuming to constantly keep an eye out on who and how many are respawning. A solution to this ineffective habit of assaulting a point would be for SL’s to have the option for their squad members hold off on respawning until 3 or 4 ppl are ready. Please let me make a strong reminder this is only for people that want to play in a more efficient way and more organized. There is always an option for having the “Give Up” button enabled to accommodate Rambo style of behavior. I’m just stressing the fact that there is no option for the audience that want to play more conservatively and keeping their squad members together. What I’m suggesting, and requesting is a UI feature that’s already implemented and doesn’t take development time away to implement as it’s something that’s already ingame menu. All I’m asking is please try it out see how it works out. As such, I would like to request to expend the management tools for SLs, or more accurately have the choice to lock and unlock, the infamous “GIVE UP” button on the go. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Let me know if this is a functionality or life improvement to squad leading you would like to see?
  12. Post Scriptum Keys

    I backed squad on kickstater as a "commander pledge" 100 US$, have not received a key via mail from you guys for post scriptum. Any help!? getting User not found! There is no user found with that email account. Contact Support if you feel this is an error!