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  1. VR headset

    Hope this helps Good luck!
  2. suppressors

    You have mods for that. as far as official squad goes suppressor will be to overpowered in squad. And people would complain, be toxic and cry, "Drama." So for that reason its not going to be implemented into the official game. Plus u allready have suppressor in squad, its called knife .
  3. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    You right, thanks for the correction. I made a mistake by not including auto healing in Project Reality. ;P In PR = Medics will auto-heal injured players while in vehicles. However the medic MUST be located in a back (passenger) seat. If the medic is driving or gunning he will not auto-heal. This is useful just after a firefight and the SL wants to move out quickly, everyone hopes in the APC/Jeep standing by, the medic does not have to heal 3 different guys in a ditch next to the road. Healing can be done while on the move. Also Healing inside an APC can often be safer than standing behind it, when it's stationary.
  4. Mobil HQ for Commander

    I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this. But the commander is not set in stone, it’s an evaluation process so any preconceived notions you might have about how things should or should not be is irrelevant on the bases of change in a BETA. If you haven’t been fallowing events, and read up on patch notes, Buddy Rally is being discontinued and will not be part of future of HAB equation. So, I’m not fully understanding, how you draw that link between RPs & HAB devaluation after RP is removed. Now to the “lazy part.” There is nothing lazier then having a commander, afking at a HAB for the duration of the game. And there are no bases for your argument that giving the commander a mobile HQ an arcade style game play, neither throwing call of duty references to care packages. Please refrained from throwing around sullenness assumptions, partially if they are baseless and unproven with a tint of passive-aggressiveness to them. Its rather useless way of communication, as there is no value added.
  5. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    In PR = Project Reality players changing into the backseat in any vehicle, had the option to bandage up, however not heal. It was definitely a function that was welcome by many.
  6. Mobil HQ for Commander

    Hi Everyone! So, I’m chillin my mancave. And… all of the sudden I have an epiphany. We should add unicorns to squad. No wait, that wasn’t it! We should add… add… hm… I had it on the tip of my tongue. Apologies, my brain hasn’t hit level cap 60 yet, it’s struggling a bit, I think I need to go back into Squad and grind out the xp needed to finish my train of thought. Wait! I remember, we should add “Mobile HQ vehicles” for the commander. A mobile Command HQ solves a great deal of issues. First of all, the inconvenience of being static as a commander. As the battle lines shift up and down on the map, the command will have an easier time to reposition, and serve the needs of the team on the go. We already have vehicles in Squad. So, take a Truck, remodel it, and a few lines of code, convert it into a field HQ, add an extension to the vehicles ability’s, which states that the HQ vehicle needs to be deployed in order to be used by the command. And… Voilà! You have created a secondary objective on any map, for any game mode in Squad. Once the mobile HQ is destroyed, the commander can always fall back on any HAB. I think this creates a more flexible alterative, keeps the game moving, and opens up opportunities for new and interesting gameplay. Don’t want to over complicate things, I rather keep it simple. But, maybe in a future updates we could dive deeper, and create a network, linking the HAB radius to the mobile HQ. So, when a radio takes damage the power grid to the mobile HQ is cut off and needs to be repaired in order restore a new uplink. The cooldown timer on the command abilities doesn't reset, when this happens, all it does is that the commander goes offline, until repairs can be made, and the cooldown can start where they left off. This is just a cool idea, I wanted to throw out there, and just find out what sticks on the wall. I think that a HQ vehicle creates a dynamic objective on the map, for any game mode in squad. And at the end of the day, its about having fun and adding value. Thanks for checking out my idea! Leave a comment! What do you think of the mobile HQ and if you like to see it in Squad!
  7. v1.7 is worse than v1.6 (Hotfix solved) Thanks Devs :)

    Credit given where Credit is due, the smaller patch that was rolled out has definitely made a positive impact on the stuttering, lag issues many have been experiencing. Kudos to the developers for being so quick in fixing the performance of Squad for the community at large. I really hope that in the future, major updates have a bit longer testing period. In order to get more reliable feedback on the performance side. Other than that, I’m happy to report that you can now fly helicopters on Thail Outskirts and any of the larger maps. Without issues. Thanks, over and out!
  8. Few concerning questions before buying..

    Good for you! You are entitled to not feel disappointed! However other ppl might have a different opinion then yours, don't feel triggered on their behalf
  9. Few concerning questions before buying..

    I agree with that term, still waiting for my kickstarter promised items to work ingame. Does leave a bad taste, I dont think it will ever be forgotten. If they ever do a kickstarter again, of any kind, it will hunt them, for sure.
  10. v1.7 is worse than v1.6 (Hotfix solved) Thanks Devs :)

    Thanks, guys, for sharing your experience, it’s good to know it’s a common occurrence. What it tells me, is that there is an optimization error and not a hardware issue. Seems that v17 graphical update to squad, is a hit on the performance stuttering we are all experiencing. All maps have stuttering or lag to some degree, its more noticeable when you are in a vehicle on larger maps like Thail Outskirts and Gorodok these maps stand out, the most. With more people talking about problems openly, it will shine some light on difficulties with v.17, which is a positive for everyone, other then being told off. If you find any other maps, that are problematic more then others, do share it here. Cheers for your feedback! Yeah, I'm gone take a break and come back to it, when they solved these issues, the stuttering is just too noticable to have a enjoyable playthrough without being aggravated by the lag, crashing or being the cause of death ingame.
  11. Version 1.7 of Squad brings with it a lot of good and bad. Some of the issues I have noticed is fps drop, lag and stuttering. Audio quality drops like a stone in the water at times. Mic issues, overall the smoothness of 1.6 has drastically decreased, its noticeable and I’m at a point where I am having second thoughts whether to play Squad in such a state. I stopped playing in 1.7 public testing, and went back to smoother experience 1.6, because of the poor state 1.7 was in. I’m really surprised that the developers decided force thru this patch, making the overall gaming experience less than it was. Every game I joined, I ask people is anyone having quality (lag) issues ingame and everyone agreed that the ball has been dropped in one way or another. Getting massive spikes in frames and lag when flaying helicopters when there wasn’t any before, ground combat is even worse, when ppl are clustered together in capture zones, it becomes a fps-drop-fest, Its not fun. Is anyone ales in the community experiencing problems? Are you having a issues with frame drops, lag and stuttering!? Let me know below...
  12. My post is most likely going to end up at the bottom of the “quality-of-life-rubbish-bin.” But I’m gone give it a go anyway, because I think it’s important enough subject to bring up. Idea 1a.) Transport “Heal” I would like to suggest an idea of implementing “Regenerative Healing” for wounded troops in the backseat of a transportation vehicles. For obvious reasons, bleeding needs to be stopped before embarking the vehicle for the regenerative heal to take effect. Similar if a wound is acquired during transport, regenerative heal will not kick in before the wound is patched. Please take note that the vehicle itself does not provide “Regenerative Healing”, the only way for healing get triggered is if there is a medic onboard. 1a.) Issue to solve. Improve the pace of the game at the squad level, less downtime needed to heal each individual soldier in a squad of nine. Healing can be given on the go. Transportation vehicles such as Trucks, MRAPS, IFVS are rarely played, most of the time abandoned in main base. Improvement in capability of trans vehicles, would increase their relevance in the field and give them a much-needed functionality upgrade to squad mobility and management. At the moment most Transport Vehicles seen as onetime use, thrown away, when served as taxi, getting from point A to point B. I would like to expand their importance on the field. Idea 2b.) Heli Gunner Balance. Transport helicopters are a bullet magnet. Everyone knows this fact; Heli’s are fun to shot at and most of the time carry valuable a cargo “squishy humans”. Not to mention two side gunners, which are extremely exposed. The possibility of shooting out a helicopter gunner easily is a satisfying sight to behold and should be kept. However, there is room for balance. Give the Heli Gunner the possibility to patch his wounds in the backseat of the helicopter. If there is Medic present, he should receive “Regenerative Healing”. 2b.) Issue to solve. In almost all cases, gunners who are wounded, bleed out inside the helicopter and die. Most of the time there is no way of landing and reviving fallen gunners. At the moment the problem is solved by having the gunner respawn in base, costing the team 1 ticket for every gunner that is wounded and killed, because the bleeding can’t be stopped in mid-flight. Heli Gunners have a repetitive gameplay, and it gets quite tedious, especially on the larger maps. Some people might say, well you can just land the Heli, and revive. But that only puts more tickets at risk and its more efficient to have them respawn. ((Please keep mind that the gunner needs to step off the gun to stop the bleeding process. The “Regenerative Healing” should be a “slow-burn-hp-regen”, so the gunner will be out of action for a while and only healed if there is a Medic present.)) For all the snowflakes out there.... Transportation Helicopters are not gunships, and as such should be weak. I agree and understand that fact. But the possibility to lick your wounds and get back into the fight should be there for Heli gunners, just as it is there for the infantry. TANKS fo weeding!