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  1. Squad Vietnam War Mod

    You could just put the Taliban vs Americans on the map and... Voila! you got the AKs vs. M1A4 rifle, ragtags vs uniformed soldiers thematically acceptable, in other words !
  2. IronVision Helmets 4 Tank Crews !?

    Amazing what modern warfare can bring to the field. I’m not really sure what the root cause is for lack of implementations of better armor optics when it comes to Squad. Who knows, If we lucky we might get Squad VR, by 2050.
  3. Would help against all the enemy "bunny hoppers" on top of my tank in Squad, unlike the limited WW2 vision we have in a modern war setting !
  4. ADMINS Wanted for UK server

    Hey CWatson will send you a pm!
  5. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    Are the right words.
  6. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I’m pretty sure a group off ppl are going to get feed up with the status quo and create a “Project Reality MOD” for Squad. Squad casualness is not going away, devs have been quite clear on that front. If you have any hope left, on Squad getting its core PR roots back, that hope has been patched out, long time ago. All we can do is to create our own realism "PR mod" and use squad as a template!
  7. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    Here is another idea, if you genuinely want casual players to STOP reckless behaviour! Why not add some accountability like a "notification warning" to snap the player out of his bad habits, spread awareness of ticket abuse to the player thru alerts. Let’s say, I keep pressing the “give up button” after every death and using the RP in an abusive way, revoke or disable temporarily GIVE UP BUTTON for that player, after 7 give ups in a row. And Only ENABLE the "GIVE UP" button, again, after the player is picked up by a medic! How is it possible that this isn’t a thing in SQUAD boggles the mind! Add a tiny (give up) counter to the (squad members list), so that the squad leader can see how many times each member has been giving up, keeping track and give them a polite warning, or if the squad leader needs to improve his squads overall ticket management. Please do somthing... Like, WHY!!! is there no tools in squad for accountability to help support healthy gameplay. These tiny changes can mean the world of a difference for SLs that are overburdened with constant influx of casuals. I love that you have added squad numbers to assets in the field, GREAT! Expand on that, give us Squad leaders more UI information to discourage abuse and bad habits!
  8. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    If you want Squad to continue to be this ARCADY pew-pew fps. Don’t change a thing, you are on the right track! However, if you find an issue with Squad at moment and how it plays, then here are some examples on how you can proceed. the lack of “Fear of loss" in Squad. Right now, when I play squad, there is no “fear of loss”, meaning assets and tickets are handled with no care, because they have been cheapened down to have almost no value. -When a TANK costs 20 tickets. Its cheap, it says, you can use me and discard me as you please without any significant impact or care. NO ONE CARES. It’s a fact. - However, change the value of the TANK to cost 100 tickets. All of the sudden every motha*f on that server is going to CARE what happens to that tank. And how its being used, fear of loss of the tank will also effect crews playstyle in the field. And here is the beauty of it all, if some dishrag decides to waste 100 tickets worth, THE ENTIRE SERVER WILL LET THEM KNOW they are wasting assets. The rest will resolve itself, If you want to bring authenticity to squad, you need to add back the element of “fear of loss”, without it you are just another casual Battlefield. What I love about Project Reality and hoped squad would have, is this collective receptibility for your actions. You are literally striping squad of any kind of “YOUR ACTIONS can have severe consequence on the battlefield by being reckless”. There is NO URGENCY for anyone to feel that an asset is important if it value cost is 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 15 tickets or 20. If you really want to change, and start giving back to the community, you really need to take a hard look at what can be done to promote a feeling of responsibility from casual player towards the team they are playing on. You have one of the best server management community’s around, they will sort out the details, but you need to start from your end, or not! You can carry on as you are doing and people will flock to something different eventually. (like a Project Reality Mod for Squad). At that point it will be at your loss, devs.
  9. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    There is a sentiment that there’re two different kind of audiences who are sharing their point of view on Rally Point system. Viewpoint of Casual player, and a Squad Leader perspective. "Casual Players" see the RP spawns as nothing more than (getting myself the fastest way to a kill), nothing more. Players like these have a short tolerance span, all they really want, is to get back into the action, get their fix, before they need to logout. That’s the consequence of having (free weekends), it's where the majority of (ab)used RPs, assets take place. If the idea was to have a meta of give up, spawn, give up, spawn. Then you have certainly achieved that kind of mindset and gameplay with squads RP system. The problem with RP, is the convenient reliance on speed of the respawn, and how soon it becomes available after death, almost no downtime, thats an issue. Let’s be honest, Squad has been changed by the developers to be played at a faster gameplay. Results of which is negligible behaviour by players in respect to tickets. The mindset is, if enough people do it, it has to be OKEY! for me to keep giving up, it becomes a new normal. Pressing give up - Cost of one ticket, as it relates to me, is cheap! only if I do it! - train of thought of most plebs. Cost of Death in Squad is a afterthought, and not a primary concern with the majority of Squad player base. The inflation of ticket value on assets have reach a all time low. It has turned "Squad Meta" into a Cod match with everyone throwing every ticket they have into the meatgrinder, including the kitchen sink, until one side reaches 30 – 50 tickets, all of the sudden, squad meta slows down and becomes Project Reality for the last 15 mins of a match. 15 - 30 tickets left in a match!? EVERYONE in a Public SERVER, go! "DON'T GIVE UP!", its like a lightning bolt strikes and everyone suddenly become aware of tickets, imaging if plebs played this conservative and in FEAR of losing tickets for the entire span of the match. This is the Squad meta of today, on every public server you visit. If you want to solve abuse of tickets in RPs and in the overall gameplay. You need to slow down the meta, with new numbers.
  10. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    I don’t want development of SQUAD to be dictated by trying to adopt Squad to fit or satisfy the needs of certain segment of Squad players base at the cost of excluding others. It’s very dangerous and slippery slope. Tip the scale too much to the left, and right will become vocal. Move it the other way and the leftist scream. My thoughts are that the developers of Squad should be left to pursue their vision of Squad, in peace and quiet. However, I think it’s healthy to take onboard opinions with moderation and balance. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. Very few of us can understand the effort it’s takes to keep a balancing act going in every decision-making process, on a daily basis, it’s difficult. Let the developers be developers, give them the space to play around, make mistakes, let them find out what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, we’re all beneficiaries of a creative development team. It’s healthy that people are reminded of that, from time to time Nothing kills creativity more than anger and toxic pressure to deliver. This instant gratification syndrome has to stop among players of squad, it’s not healthy environment to develop in.
  11. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    Nice post! Personally, I love both RP sys, both are structured to fit different needs. Because the two products play differently. You can clearly see that Squad RP is meant to be stickier, in every sense of the word. Casual friendly! Remove RP from Squad entirely and you have changed the gameplay dynamic of squad. All of the sudden, game rounds are lost on the bases of losing HABs. Its simple math really. 1 – 1 = 0
  12. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    This video pretty much! sums up all offworldindustries failures with squad. Leave a "like" if you agree!
  13. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Downloaded Project Reality today, played it, and holycrap its night and day difference between the two, even after 15 years. I missed PR. I'm really tired of being asked to hold on, told that the grass is greener on the other side, no really it is, just wait for the next patch, its coming, no really it is. Squad and the devs, just sound like a needy girlfriend, no please... stay with me... I promise, I can change... no, don't leave me.. Like! Get yourself together! It's embarrassing. PR here I come!
  14. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I'm gone throw my hat in, by saying, Go and play Project Reality. Cause Squad is quite clearly not it. If anything, seems like casual is name of the game for squad and its future. Silly us, for trying... oh well! I guess we're not wanted in the sandbox anymore!
  15. Jets

    Okay, I had a suspicion that you had not played Project Reality because of the way your questions are formulated around how it all worked in your previews post. It’s better to give you the benefit of the doubt and ask politely! Rather than accuse you of not playing it PR. Because if you did play PR, you would know how it all works together, and in no fashion is it disruptive to infantry and vehicle gameplay. As a matter of fact, PR does it so well, that people still play it 15 years later. Trying to be clever about it and reinvent the wheel, is not very intelligent way of going about it, especially if the wheel works so well allready.