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  1. West Coast Tactical

    Nope, never. I have ZERO reason to call out friendly positions in all chat. NEVER.
  2. Fix Bullet Physics

    If I wanted to see curving bullets, I'd watch wanted. I hear him walking up to the corner. Shoots me before he even comes around the corner.
  3. Fix Bullet Physics

    Take a screen shot where you see this person on the wall in front of me, exactly where the sound comes from, in front of me. And don't forget this gem. Happened last night. I have almost 800 hours in this game, and I uninstalled it. V10 and V11 are trash and have made the game unplayable. Bring back V9 where everyone wasn't f'ing BULLET PROOF. First shot, maybe misses, fine, I was off to the right. Second and third shot are dead on head shots. No kill.
  4. Fix Bullet Physics

    Oh, and don't forget this "gem" when you don't even get shot by someone ****ing on your screen
  5. Fix Bullet Physics

    And MORE pathetic "physics" cannot even get kills with 3x hits to chest and 7.62 to the ****ing face doesn't do crap.
  6. Field Bandage Glitching

    A.11 has brought about the field bandage bug. Your field bandage has a 100% fail rate on first time use. The only way to avoid this, is to start to use it, cancel, then use it again. You are guaranteed to have it work the 2nd time. Then, the only issue you have to deal with is those wasted seconds to get the 100% failure rate out of the way and you bleed out.
  7. Found your issue, you don't know how to "frame" objects/vehicles/the map.
  8. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    What you're doing, is like a 6 year old pointing up in the air "airplane, airplane" after I've said, "Hey, look at that 747." You have yet to give an "answer". Literally everything you've said as an "answer", is a regurgitation of what I've said. Or lets try this. I said, 3 + 2 = 5. You said, no, 2 + 3 = 5. You haven't given an "answer" LOL but keep thinking that bud. It's still "5". Mesh not matching "collision volume", or vise versa is still 3 + 2 or 2 + 3. LOL gave an "answer"...
  9. Fix Bullet Physics

    Actually, if you paid attention when you played, you cannot FULLY compensate for recoil. When you mouse down BEYOND this INNATE resistance only your camera moves down, your weapon continues to travel based on recoil. Toggle off next time and see how recoil really works. If you care to see what a legit player looks like handling recoil, I'd love to post one for you, then you can post one of you cheating to compensate for this BUILT IN mechanic. Since I gtg to work, I just made it anyway to premtively show, you're either talking out your, you know what cheating Video clearly shows you can only "compensate" so much. And that while compensating, you CANNOT CONTROL left and right recoil.
  10. Fix Bullet Physics

    If you had slowed the video down, you would have seen two hits, one on the left side of the HEAD. The second on the right side of the HEAD. Two head shots. No kill. Either cheating, or horrible game coding.
  11. Fix Bullet Physics

    The person changing behind me was the medic who just brought me up. The enemy came out of the head set at my 10 o'clock position.
  12. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Obviously, didn't you read my post? Clearly not because my very first statement I said, Everything in the game has a "wire frame" that you stick your skin on. Coding 101? 2ndly, only ONE TIRE is off the ground with at least 3 touching. Bad "wire frame" coding.
  13. Fix Bullet Physics

    And don't forget this bull ****. Bullet proof head shot doesn't kill. That goes both ways genius. I would be able to see his arms before him as well, or top of his head if he's leaning.
  14. Fix Bullet Physics

    Even so, shot before someone even is visible around a corner. And no, it's not "all online games". Doesn't happen on real game engines. IDK what they need to tweek, but it needs to be done before BO4 and BF5 come out
  15. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    You clearly didn't watch the video. I did NOT get stuck on the log. NO PART OF THE LOG is touching the truck.
  16. 6GB VRAM Not Enough?

    Game has a horrible memory leak, crashing on load with 6GB VRAM and 32GB System Ram saying "System out of memory, game must now exit". Suggestions? Update: I had to create a 8GB paging file (that 5.5 GB is being used of) for a total of 37.5 GB or "RAM" being used by this game...LOL That's MORE than this entire game...
  17. Fix M68 sights

    Rule #1, don't talk about fight club. I joke, but back on topic. Rule #1, "do NOT 'lollipop' your M68". Oh, now you did it, you went and "lollipopped" your M68...stupid private. Seriously, Fix the M68, it should be floating 1/4 of an inch above the front side post, LIKE the EOTech does, not ON the front sight post ("Lollipopping"). I wish I had a real life picture but this is exactly what I mean, don't mean to "steal" from another game. You line up the dot on the M68 even with the left and right fork of the front sight and put the FSP (Front Sight Post) about half way vertically. In theory you can completely lower the FSP but then it's a pain to raise it back up if you have to remove the M68 so our sergeants always just had us leave it about 1/2 way.
  18. Fix M68 sights

    You've never played with one of those toys that make noise that spin based on how fast you squeeze the trigger, or slow. IDK, it's been four years since I fired my M4 but I feel like I remember when you pull the trigger, you get three rounds. It could be I never let my finger off fast enough but I don't think it was like the Vietnam era M16's that you had to hold the trigger down for 3rd burst...it's entirely possible I was having too much fun on 3rd burst I never noticed exactly how many rounds I got per trigger pull, but I know it was always more than one haha.
  19. Fix M68 sights

    Or how the 3rd burst is like one of those toy guys you used to play with and not a REAL 3rd burst...
  20. FPS Drop Rx470

    I just built a new system i5-8400 with a 370z, 16 GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 6GB with SSD. Parking 3 of my 6 cores gives me a 7 FPS increase, from 53 to 60. My old Gen 3 system, parking 1 core on my quad core, to get 3 cores gave me a 12 FPS increase. Moral of the story, this game is one core heavy because of outdated coding, I would recommend parking cores and seeing if that helps. As I said, the sweet spot for me is three cores.
  21. QQ Necro, but the notion that "most" games are single core is highly incorrect and ignorant. To my knowledge this Unreal engine is the only engine that is a one core game. Every other "serious" game designer uses at a minimum of two cores ad most of them utilize four cores.
  22. Where Did My FPS Go?

    Win 10 allows you to manually park cores. Note, they are listed as threads, such as if you have quad core with hyper threading you'll see core0 - 8. So, to shut down one core you close two threads. To make this as quick as possible for testing purposes, start at max threads and reduce as the next time you open windows you'll see the previous max threads ie 8 - 6 - 4 -2. If you try and go from one core up you'll have to do twice the amount of restarts as after you test on one core you'll have to enable all 4 cores again, restart, then limit to two cores etc. etc. Edit, thus my saying I have only three cores enabled is based on 6 threads, as the i7-3770k is a hyper threaded CPU each core has 2 threads (4x2 = 8) but on my new i5-8400 I only have core0-6 listed because the i5's don't hyper thread (6x2). And even with my new 8400, parking cores increases my FPS for whatever crazy reason.
  23. Where Did My FPS Go?

    V9, 59 FPS solid, occasional dips to 42. V10, 41 FPS constantly dipping to 31. What happened? All settings set to high both versions.
  24. Server Browser Icons

    What do the icons mean? Star means favorites I would suppose, what are the other two?
  25. CPU Under Utilized

    I had another post about FPS loss, but being the root cause is under utilization it was clear a new post was required. My CPU is only running, peak, 35% and average 28%. Is this caused by: Poor engine coding CPU heat issues (such as, more thermal past to help heat x-fer to lower heat). My CPU currently runs steady at 58 c. Windows 10 issue Old CPU (i7-3770k) that for some reason is limited to 35% CPU usage? Or something else I'm just not thinking of?