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  1. Where Did My FPS Go?

    Win 10 allows you to manually park cores. Note, they are listed as threads, such as if you have quad core with hyper threading you'll see core0 - 8. So, to shut down one core you close two threads. To make this as quick as possible for testing purposes, start at max threads and reduce as the next time you open windows you'll see the previous max threads ie 8 - 6 - 4 -2. If you try and go from one core up you'll have to do twice the amount of restarts as after you test on one core you'll have to enable all 4 cores again, restart, then limit to two cores etc. etc. Edit, thus my saying I have only three cores enabled is based on 6 threads, as the i7-3770k is a hyper threaded CPU each core has 2 threads (4x2 = 8) but on my new i5-8400 I only have core0-6 listed because the i5's don't hyper thread (6x2). And even with my new 8400, parking cores increases my FPS for whatever crazy reason.
  2. Where Did My FPS Go?

    V9, 59 FPS solid, occasional dips to 42. V10, 41 FPS constantly dipping to 31. What happened? All settings set to high both versions.
  3. Server Browser Icons

    What do the icons mean? Star means favorites I would suppose, what are the other two?
  4. CPU Under Utilized

    I had another post about FPS loss, but being the root cause is under utilization it was clear a new post was required. My CPU is only running, peak, 35% and average 28%. Is this caused by: Poor engine coding CPU heat issues (such as, more thermal past to help heat x-fer to lower heat). My CPU currently runs steady at 58 c. Windows 10 issue Old CPU (i7-3770k) that for some reason is limited to 35% CPU usage? Or something else I'm just not thinking of?
  5. CPU Under Utilized

    *Robin Williams Live on Broadway Buzzer impersonation* If you had bothered to read my post that isn't even close to accurate. I have to close down my CPU cores to increase frame rates.
  6. CPU Under Utilized

    Agree, I used to be into max FPS before DX11 came out and changed "the game" so that it no longer required brute power to get good looking games. Now my requirement is simply a "smooth" game play, and this game, for now, does not. I'm very hopeful it will in the future because I thoroughly enjoy this game. On a side note, BF4 went from 110 FPS to 205 FPS on a full 64p server. Frostbite is just exponentially better. My only expectation from the outdated UR engine is simply for a smooth game play. And constant dips to 42 FPS in a massive 32v32 battle...when compared to FB 32v32 that stays in triple digits...UR needs to be overhauled not updated
  7. CPU Under Utilized

    Let me enlighten you. On a full 78 person server, or whatever size you play on, your system is calculating what EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING as well as yourself. Just because you can't see them, unless your wall hacking, it's not just YOU on the screen. That is the difference between a full server and an empty server. Class dismissed.
  8. CPU Under Utilized

    That blanket statement you made is sadly very ignorant. Total usage is only pointless in non-multi-core games, or games that can only handle a certain amount of multi-cores, like this game ONLY when you have a CPU with more cores than supported! This game, as far as I can test on three different CPU, the 3350P, 3770k, and the 8600, that this game is most efficient with three cores and that core only runs at most, 50% usage and the other two cores hover around 43%. My latest test with the 8600, I'm at work I'll provide an SS in the same manor as before after I get home from classes tonight, is that the same holds true, it is best when I park cores so that only three cores run. Last night I was playing and my FPS was 57 - 60. Clearly a Gen 8 intel that has a peak speed of 4 GHz single core can only raise 10 FPS when in every other game I play I had at LEAST 90 FPS increase. It's a game issue, not hardware. So my advice to everyone is save your money, this game isn't worth buying a new system just to play at 60 FPS, 70 FPS on a unpopulated map.
  9. Where Did My FPS Go?

    My dad needed a new PC and wanted to buy mine so I did and built a new Gen 8 system. All my other games got at LEAST 90 more FPS. This game? 10 FPS increase LAWL. Moral of the story, confirmed software issue, buy even the most modern Gen 8 Intel CPU's with the OC 300 Mobo will get you 60 FPS in a live game on a full server.
  10. CPU Under Utilized

    my k is Overclocked to factory settings, I'm talking about the knuckle heads that want to abuse their system and get clock rates higher than manufacture settings. And when I say 40%, I'm not talking about "over all usage". My CPU core 0, the single core thread, when my FPS is 22, it's still below 50% and my GPU is around 55% Neither is being maxed out, ever. Thus back to my original point, I wanted to make people aware it's not a "bottleneck" issue with the game, it's something else is holding this game back. Either way, goal achieved, this has been passed on. TY Dubs
  11. CPU Under Utilized

    That's not the point, the point is 60% of the CPU is being wasted by piss poor coding. The only way over clocking will benefit was if I shut down two of my cores and max o'ced and risk hurting my CPU. (Which shows you have to "abuse" your system to make the game run "properly"). Again, no point in sweating this games FPS when it's clearly a game coding issue.
  12. CPU Under Utilized

    Read above....GTX 1060 6GB...as said. i7-3770k is Gen2 IVY Bridge I believe.
  13. Where Did My FPS Go?

    Here is my FPS with quad cores Here is my FPS with Trio Cores And here is my FPS with DUO cores Parking two cores speeds up the game by forcing the CPU to work harder. Trio cores is best FPS for me so far because of the crappy game engine.
  14. CPU Under Utilized

    Yes, the problem is the game. So me dropping $600 for a new system won't help being a quad core only runs at 40% speed the way it is, CPU isn't even being bottle necked.
  15. CPU Under Utilized

    MSI H77-G43 i7-3770k Kingston DDR3 1600 16GB RAMP MSI 1060 6GB Samsung 128 GB SSD Same server, map, and full 80/80 players 4 core 8 thread (4c8t) 41 FPS 3c6t 47 FPS 2c4t 44 FPS 1c2t wasn't even worth the SS, it was 14 fps. the best FPS is 3c6t for some reason, I figured the dual core would be best, but it's better than quad core. Now, as the SS show, this was an 80/80 server from the same spot in spawn. I'll be playing with 3c6t for a while and will see how it handles in the middle of a fire fight. Maybe the Quad core will give a consistent 41FPS and the 3c6t may dip below 41 during a battle...we'll see.
  16. CPU Under Utilized

    I have to hit the sack for work in the am. I'll look into parking all my cores and working up from single to quad and see how it does.
  17. CPU Under Utilized

    IDK, I'm a minor programmer myself, I cannot think of any reason that a program would only be limited to run at 40%...CPU *SHOULD* be running at 100% (as fast as they can) to get operations done.
  18. CPU Under Utilized

    Utilizing, I understand, as in cores are "parked" but all four cores ARE being used, just at 30% which makes no sense as CPU's should be running as fast as they can unless something is wrong. Like an old 1910 engine that just has on and off....or a light switch (non dimmer type).
  19. CPU Under Utilized

    Someone cried that truth hurt, edited message so someones feelings will not get hurt because they were wrong and ignorant. Edit: That is not true, my post is the only result from searches about CPU's being under utilized.
  20. Where Did My FPS Go?

    hahah obviously dude, nothing gets past you
  21. Where Did My FPS Go?

    This game only runs my CPU at 38% under peak conditions i7-3770k. Seems it's a coding issue, not hardware issue.
  22. Where Did My FPS Go?

    I really hate it when people think that data-basing numbers without any point of reference gives them any kind of "more accurate" FPS measurement because that data is taken out of context. You can get a better feel for what your DPS is by just paying attention. When your not around people, ect ect, see what your FPS is. Peak 108. When you're in the middle of a small map and everyone is throwing 'nades of all types and such, look at your FPS. Make note of what your smallest numbers are. Low 48. When you're getting lag from the server, don't even bother looking at FPS because it doesn't matter, it's server issue. Good luck having your spread sheet tell you what was going on at the exact moment you see that FPS drop kid because not once do your Fraps data tell you that genius. For all you know your lows are coming from server issues, nothin to do with you.
  23. Where Did My FPS Go?

    I have an i7-3770k, 16 GB DDR 1600 RAM, 120gb SSD, and GTX 1060 6 GB card. V9 I would peek around 110 but the steady dps was right around 60. V10 Peak was 51ish but would be steady at 41 Hope that helps. And no, there's no way these guys ADDED cores for engine, it looks like they took away in that this game runs on a single core instead of two. Edit: ADDING cores to the engine doesn't lower the DPS on people, it would maintain the same DPS on duo/quad core chips but give people with hex+ cores a DPS boost. TLDR: When the game is running on a duo core engine, the only thing that drops DPS is a) reducing the cores the engine runs on, b) bad coding for "optimizing" where they added redundant code instead of simplifying it.
  24. Replace LAW with AT4

    When are they going to flatten out and give the trajectory of rocket propelled weapons in this mickey mouse physics world?
  25. Surround Sound?

    What I'm saying is, since people don't seem to grasp it. The issue was my headset (7.1) wasn't doing ACCURATE directional sound because SB Z is ONLY 5.1 surround, even "virtual" head phone surround. Meaning, if I had a 5.1 headset to match the 5.1 SB Z you will be 100% fine. The issue was I had to get a true 7.1 card, went with the ASUS Soar, and it 100% fixed the issue, I have perfect directional sound now with 7.1 Hyper X headphones