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  1. No Footstep Glitch

    Please fix this ASAP, yes, it can be fun to do it to someone but it is just a toxic glitch.
  2. Possible 7.1 sound issues.

    If you do not believe me, feel free to ask SB yourself, even virtual surround, the old SB-Z card CANNOT do true 7.1 SS. Read the fine print and company's support chat if you cannot find an exact answer. I bought Hypercloud X 7.1 and had SB-Z and sound was OFF, only by a bit, but it was OFF (not on point). I bought an ASUS SOAR 7.1 (I know yuck ASUS) and sound is on point AS LONG as it is set to 16 bit sound. At 24 bit sound, the sound is not on point again. So, summary. Sound card HAS to support 7.1 to work with 7.1 surround head sets. If you cannot find exact answer, ask before buying. Set ASUS sound to 16 bits NOT 24. Edit: Current SOAR settings, Stereo (2 speaker mode), windows Spacial 7.1 sound on, 16 bit sound, and sound is perfect!
  3. Crewman Squad Leader rally points

    /bump It is beyond irrational stupid that the squad creman kit cannot act like a normal SL kit. There's NO POINT to have it as an option, just have SLs take a crewman kit since you want to screw us over.
  4. It's Time To Get Crazy

    Complicated for who? The current system: Supported fire (Prone > kneeling > standing) decreases weapon recoil, aka bullet spray in this game. Overly unrealistic recoil causes target tracking issues What i'm suggesting Supported fire (Prone > kneeling > standing) decreases weapon vibration, aka bullet spray in this game. Remove unrealistic recoil mechanic for weapon vibration mechanic, same mouse down feature (pulling weapon into "the pocket") and allowing you to visually keep eyes on your target, especially when using a heavy weapon in which, as said before, the sole weight of said weapon is enough to counter it's recoil. People won't notice a difference other than unrealistic (for most weapons "unrealistic") vertical recoil will be gone.
  5. It's Time To Get Crazy

    Either you have the knowledge, or you don't. If you don't, no big deal, read and learn. I don't take offense when someone has something to say, that is actually "legit" knowledge not just hearsay With what I'm suggesting you can keep the current bullet spread, what changes is this: The amount of time you can ADS will change depending on weapon, making it important what weapon you choose Heavy weapons will have less, or at LEAST equal to rifles, recoil than lighter weapons. Less recoil does not mean less spray. Spray should be 100% dependent on how "well" you mouse down per each weapon. What I'm saying is mousing down will be dual-purpose depending on what your doing. If you have a heavy weapon, you're compensating for weapon shake. If you're using a pistol, you're compensating for recoil. Visually it will be viable for HMGs to keep sight on a target as a rifle. Moderator edit : Removed unnecessary remark.
  6. It's Time To Get Crazy

    #1...weapons do shoot like lasers. If you think bullets curve (other than due to gravity) like in video games...lol? Anything with a barrel over 6" shoot incredibly straight (lasers) when fired from a 100% stable position, not factoring in gravity, talking left - right. #2, mousing down should be able to achieve NEAR "laser" status depending how insane the devs want to do it, but if talking real world, if you are able to fully "handle" the weapon shake, your bullets are going "laser" straight. #3, squad is not a left - right recoil game, I'm not sure it's possible for the UR engine. PUBG has tried, same engine, and it's not really "working", it's still a vertical recoil game. #4, you can still get a "rewarding" game mechanic (mousing down) that will allow for a more in depth, realistic game experience as in it will mirror the realistic aspect as well as level out the movement game play, and I am hoping, would solve some of the camping aspect by making people feel like they have a chance to win a fight while moving.
  7. It's Time To Get Crazy

    I like this game because it is not Battlefield. Yet, every patch, it becomes and feels more like battlefield. It's time to get crazy, and bring in a new mechanic, a new feel to FPS games that no one has done, yet. Base ADS time on weapon weight, and that same weight should modify recoil. When no action is being taken, your weapon is being held across your chest (slung). Clicking right click brings your weapon to "hip fire" mode. (Or holding right click). In the real world, you're using the weapon sling to hold the weight of your weapon at hip level, aka "hip fire". Holding shift (currently hold breath) is when you ADS and starts your "timer". After time, modified by the weapon you are holding, your weapon starts to shake and ultimately drops back to "hip fire" as you do not have the strength to continue (ADS) to hold it up on it's own. Recoil should be focused on holding the weapon steady, not bringing a weapon back down vertically. Unless you're firing a pistol/SMG, the weight of the weapon is enough itself to keep recoil manageable. Firing my M4, the weight of that 13 lb weapon was enough where all I had to do, was keep it in the pocket to limit bullet "spray" from the weapon shake. Bullet spray happens naturally when the weapon shakes. When you hold a weapon tight in your pocket, you're controlling the weapon shake (aka bullet spray), the weight of the weapon itself keeps it from climbing vertically. The AR/MGs should have virtually no vertical recoil because the weight of the weapon is MORE than enough that you do not need to "pull the weapon down". All rifles should have minimal recoil. SMGs and lighter should have NOTICEABLE vertical recoil, modified by weapon caliber. Thus, when you're holding your weapon tight in your pocket, you're just compensating left and right. (This point is more of a pet peeve) Do NOT just throw bullet spray into the game without an "explanation". When full auto firing from an UNsupported position you WILL get bullet spray, but have the weapon visually shake or something. There are sooooo many plebs that think bullet spray is a 100% natural occurrence when your weapon is 100% stabilized... I would agree it would be acceptable to keep the "mouse down" mechanic in the game if it simulated holding the weapon tight in the pocket to mitigate the weapon shaking (bullet spray). There should be a point to where if you mouse down too much you over come recoil and "drop" your weapon. Every weapon should have it's own "mouse down" force to master. If you do not mouse down enough, again the weapon does NOT kick up, it simply sprays more left - right. Now, how this would balance out. In burst moments, AR/MGs will be able to compete with rifles For example, if you're running through town, and you see someone, you will have maybe 1 - 2 seconds to actually, accurately, return fire Anything after the "initial contact" rifles will win out because AR/MGs cannot hold their sights up for accurate fire. In CQB, the lighter weapons will have an advantage, as they should, because you can ADS a lot longer. Depending on the weapon, such as an M-TAR, you should be able to ADS for 5+ minutes at a time without an issue. This translates to faster "clear times". The heavier the weapon will need to take more stops to recharge their ADS time every time they have a new room to clear. Everything will stay the same for distance combat (supported positions). IF anything would change, the only thing would be you have to "mouse down" just as much with an AR/MG when prone because you still have to compensate for weapon shake. Edit: What would "change", realistically? You will have to make choices on when to ADS You will have to make more serious choices on weapons you pick due to Map (CQB/Long range) Terrain type Play style, are you constantly assaulting "run and gun", or are you defending a position/point/FOB Only have vertical recoil if you are using a light weapon You will have to mouse down just as much prone with a weapon, as standing, because the weapon shakes just as hard no matter your position. Your position modifies your ADS "time". Kneeling adds ADS "time". Bi-pods and supported positions all gain unlimited ADS time. (Still kind of how it is now...) The Same: Still mouse down That simulates holding the weapon tight in the pocket to mitigate weapon shake If you're full auto firing when you raise your mouse up, your weapon will follow your mouse Rifles/Small Arms will still be dominate in CQB AR/MGs will at least have a chance now, only for one second or two, but at least a chance, when running to new positions. All weapons will have unlimited ADS time when you are prone supported, like it is now.
  8. Fix Bullet Physics

    Wrong spot, whoops!
  9. West Coast Tactical

    Nope, never. I have ZERO reason to call out friendly positions in all chat. NEVER.
  10. Fix Bullet Physics

    Take a screen shot where you see this person on the wall in front of me, exactly where the sound comes from, in front of me. And don't forget this gem. Happened last night. I have almost 800 hours in this game, and I uninstalled it. V10 and V11 are trash and have made the game unplayable. Bring back V9 where everyone wasn't f'ing BULLET PROOF. First shot, maybe misses, fine, I was off to the right. Second and third shot are dead on head shots. No kill.
  11. Fix Bullet Physics

    Oh, and don't forget this "gem" when you don't even get shot by someone ****ing on your screen
  12. Fix Bullet Physics

    And MORE pathetic "physics" cannot even get kills with 3x hits to chest and 7.62 to the ****ing face doesn't do crap.
  13. Field Bandage Glitching

    A.11 has brought about the field bandage bug. Your field bandage has a 100% fail rate on first time use. The only way to avoid this, is to start to use it, cancel, then use it again. You are guaranteed to have it work the 2nd time. Then, the only issue you have to deal with is those wasted seconds to get the 100% failure rate out of the way and you bleed out.
  14. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    What you're doing, is like a 6 year old pointing up in the air "airplane, airplane" after I've said, "Hey, look at that 747." You have yet to give an "answer". Literally everything you've said as an "answer", is a regurgitation of what I've said. Or lets try this. I said, 3 + 2 = 5. You said, no, 2 + 3 = 5. You haven't given an "answer" LOL but keep thinking that bud. It's still "5". Mesh not matching "collision volume", or vise versa is still 3 + 2 or 2 + 3. LOL gave an "answer"...
  15. Fix Bullet Physics

    Actually, if you paid attention when you played, you cannot FULLY compensate for recoil. When you mouse down BEYOND this INNATE resistance only your camera moves down, your weapon continues to travel based on recoil. Toggle off next time and see how recoil really works. If you care to see what a legit player looks like handling recoil, I'd love to post one for you, then you can post one of you cheating to compensate for this BUILT IN mechanic. Since I gtg to work, I just made it anyway to premtively show, you're either talking out your, you know what cheating Video clearly shows you can only "compensate" so much. And that while compensating, you CANNOT CONTROL left and right recoil.