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  1. Surround Sound?

    Yes, I got an ASUS Soar and fixed the issue. Confirmed by Creative staff SB-z is ONLY 5.1 surround sound capable even with headphones. Switched to Soar and 100% fixed issue.
  2. Surround Sound?

    I'm trying to diagnose sound issues in this game. Yea yea, "it's alpha" but it seems an issue where there does not seem to be any ACCURATE "reporting" of where sounds are coming from. I had a match tonight, in a vehicle, had another vehicle shooting at me, and the origin of the sound on my HYPER X headset, wasn't even CLOSE to where I was being shot from. I have no idea where he was exactly, somewhere around 50 degrees AWAY from where I was looking based on SOUND. So, lets start the blame game? Is it the Hyper Cloud X headset, the SoundBlaster Z pci-e card, or your game?