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  1. Please the requirements

    I don't believe a microphone will ever be a requirement to play this game... Can you even suggest how it would be implemented ? It's our responsibility to encourage new players who don't have a mic to get one.
  2. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Thanks for your input, however this has been suggested and discussed on multiple occasions.
  3. Cant go in game

    Check your junk / spam folders it should have been sent from "Squad" titled "Here is your Squad Steam Key!" otherwise send an email : Support@OffworldIndustries.com
  4. Cant go in game

    Hi. Can you confirm you are using your steam account now? i.e; you entered the new steam key in and are trying to play via steam - or are you using the original key (this won't work)
  5. Looking for a Aussie Squad clan

    Add me to steam - iinoddyii Waiting for some of my clan* mates to show a bit more interest (* don't expect anything organised - more of a loose group of people who enjoy playing different games together... sounds dodgy... but it is what it is)
  6. Yea a prison Island to keep all the nopes out of other continents.. you pussies couldn't survive :P
  7. I don't think you read my post (or I didn't make it clear enough :) ) You would have received an email recently with the subject Here is your Squad Steam Key! (my email came 5 December). It contained your new keys (the old ones won't work) and instructions on how to install on Steam. tl;dr - check your email for new keys for steam install :)
  8. Hi, you should have received an email recently which included your steam key (check your junk folders) if you haven't.
  9. Think of the poor Aussies with our crap exchange rate :( Big shout out to everybody contributing on other forums - don't bust a nut valve though.. As others have said sometimes it's best to walk away from a losing argument :)
  10. Number of Subforums

    Slightly o/t but I liked the idea from the realitymod forums where suggestions were moderated prior to discussion. This cut down on the duplicate and inane threads.
  11. I always have a shit kdr so I feel most qualified to respond with meh. You can't control how other people behave so why give a fuck what they say?

    report the players to the admins and let them take action?
  13. Require a Mic

    So how will your suggestion work with people who have a mic but don't use it? And what happens to people who can't speak for whatever reason... exclude them? Asking them to leave your squad if you feel that they aren't contributing will be just a effective.