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  1. How is the optimisation in v10?

    Ah, thanks for the feedback guys, at least I know that I wont face any drastic decreases to my FPS so I can continue to play after v10 has been released!
  2. How is the optimisation in v10?

    I didn't get a chance to play v10 myself (Unfortunately), so to all those who have played it, what is the optimisation like FPS wise? Does it run smoother, faster than v9? I can't wait to actually play v10, and i'm hoping FPS wont be worse so I can keep running it at decent graphics settings, because the game looks amazing, I don't want to have to drop them. Thanks
  3. POLL - v10

    I played Squad every now and again, I was never really a huge, dedicated fan of it but I liked what it was. I didn't get to play v10, but from what I see it's only good. I want slower gameplay, better movement and rifle mechanics, more intense firefights and so forth. I'm looking forward to taking up the marksman position and actually being one (I always prefer the longer range roles in most games anyway). I like Battlefield, games like Arma 3 and so on, they're quicker paced and you can get into action faster, Arma is a bit iffy in the gunplay but it's still quick. However, Squad should leave the fast-paced gunplay to the games which were designed with that in mind. Squad was meant to be slow, it's not the same as the rest which is why it interests me, and with v10 soon to be released I can see that interest only growing. Squad should stick to it's slow pace and make it work. The fast-paced shooters can stay in their own category, we don't want another here.