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  1. Compass?

    try resetting your video settings, compas is still a thing
  2. Platforms?

    Gameboy DS version or Riot!
  3. Why are role selection made as it is?

    One of the things that make Squad stand out from Battlefield is the restrictions, I really like those, I was only questioning why they where so limiting when you are less then 9 people in a squad.
  4. Deployable Change

    With nightmaps comming, mortars firing flares would be cool
  5. Oversettelser

    Måske fordi vi ikke tæller så mange herinde endnu
  6. Why are role selection made as it is?

    I see your point, I just have to assume that since the website brags about 50v50 it will happen some time. But base on what I have read in other threads there seems to be a lot of ideas on how to improve/optimize squad formation. Surely I got one as well, but it would have to make the whole squad making process a bit different. When making a squad the SL first have to pick a role that will determin the size/kits available to people joining in. FIreteam Normal SL kit 9 member max All roles available (not scout/marksman/heavy Anti-tank) Overlooks Semi-autorifle (think m14) 4x scope. 2 member max Limit this squad type to avoid 25 snipers. 2nd member is marksman Engineers Engineer SL kit, sub-machinegun, tripmines, tank mines. Only one to build mortars squad is 5 people. normal kits + heavy AT only people in this squad can refill Logi trucks. I know this seems to narrow it down, but that's how I would try to do squads. how would you do it?
  7. New SL Attributes

    The problem I see with destructable buildings is that it would give armor a major advantage, see a 4 man squad in running into a building, (4 man is not enough to pick the AT kit) fire into the building bringing it down, squad is dead. Nothing they could do other then "try" to run away. with the current way that kits are made available I can't see a way to "balance" it out. Now for small things such as lamp posts, fences and other things "not considered" a landmark I would be okay with destruction, but where do you draw the line on what can, and cant be destroyed? should a bridge be destructable?
  8. Teamkills can happend, had a SL call in arty on a MARKED target, then took his whole squad onto said mark just to die, 2 squadmates where kicked and when SL was confonted with his actions he was baffled that we did not stop the shells he called in.
  9. Platforms?

    As long as the PC game will not be "held back" on looks or other technical things that the consoles can handle, then sure. BUT you better not give us a console game with keyboard controls
  10. This is not ment to be anything negative about the way roles/kits are made available ingame, but more a few questions about how roles are made available. So playing squad i noticed that a max squad consists of 9 people, lets say 50v50 game, that leaves 5 squads of 9 and a squad of 5 on each team. Currently the kits become available the more people that join a squad, allowing only 3 support roles being taken. Why are kits available based on squad size? I played a scout and a mate played a marksman, this combo worked out great as an overview spotting squad for our team, but it felt handicapped in that I could not make any marks, or communicate with other squads knowing I had a great view from my little hilltop. Why are small squads not allowed to make use of the whole arsenal that squad gives access to?
  11. Missing buttons on top menu

    When switching for joinsquad.com to the forum the top menu is missing two buttons, rent a server, and Store. forgotten? bug? or feature?