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  1. Major Gaming Community - [ EU/ENG]

    Small Update for Community We have updated our Website and Forums , now you are be able to Register on Our Brand New Forums and to check out our new design of our website portal. WEBSITE : http://www.majorgamingclan.com/ FORUMS : http://www.forum.majorgamingclan.com/index.php
  2. INTRODUCTION Hello everyone and welcome on Major Gaming Community , i would like to represent to you a brand new community on squad , we are here to bring a new people a joy and good gaming experience , we are based on Teamwork Community , so we do have rules and we do respect them. Major Gaming Community Clan have 30+ Active Members Major Gaming Community Clan its Active every day on Squad Server , we are seeding to help people see our server , on our server you wont be able to feel the Lag , the max ping you could have its from 30 to 60 ms , We have Active Admins who are willing to help a new people who joined on our server. Major Gaming Community Rules Be Respectful to each another Do not Advertise other Communities or you will be perm banned Respect other nationalities Major Gaming Server Rules Squad Leaders and Members needs to have Working Microphone and Headphones ( This is Teamwork Community ) No Heavy Assets , Vehicles , Fire Support until 15 vs 15 on the server its No Camping outside enemys Main Base ( Keep the distance MAX 300 Metres ) No Trolling in Squads , or Squad Chat ( 3 Warns = Ban 7 Days ) No Teamkilling / Friendly Kills ( 3 Warns = Ban 2 Days ) Respect Other Players , Squad Members and Admins Major Gaming Clan - Recruitment We are Recruiting a new members to our Clan , we are looking for players with a different multi task skills , that listens to squad leader , also we are playing squad only. How to Join Major Clan ? Age 17+ Max 300+ hrs in game Working Microphone and Headsets Having a Discord App English Speaking and Typing Major Gaming Community - Website/Forums So we opened our Forums for the new members who joins the community , also over there you have much much more options , that you can do , you can reed news and announcements also a server updates , also you can apply for unban or report a player or just simple say hi to the community , tell us something more about your self. Website/Forums Major Gaming Community - Discord Server Join us on our Discord Server , we have here much friendly people who are willing to talk , play games with you and much much more stuff , we have support channels if you ever need an help in game with something, music bot its also there so you could listen some of the music. Major Community Discord Server discord.majorgamingclan.com Thank you for reading this , it was my pleasure to share my community and clan with you guys , i hope you are going to join us , thanks again.
  3. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Major Gaming ClanTag: MGCLink: http://www.majorgamingclan.com/Language: EnglishDescription: "Teamwork and Tactical Clan , Opened Recruitment , Active 35 Members "Members: ~35 Active MembersWe also play: Arma 3 , Project Reality , Arma 2 DayZ
  4. Major Gaming Community - [ EU/ENG]

    Thanks Bud , i re edit it a bit i maded 300 + hours becouse i mess a bit up with 100+
  5. New Update > Forum its Online you can register and be a Official Member of MajorGamingClan now http://majorgamingclan.com/
  6. About us ? We are here to bring best gaming experience for all players , because we all love when there is not trolling or something els bad , so now we have Major Gaming Clan on Squad Servers. Players ? Help us with seeding the server join into our community with your friends . What can you expect on Server ? No Trolling No Teamkilling Active Admins Good Maps for Playing ( AAS,Invasion) Good Squad's English and German ? So basically we love English to speak and play , and also we understand that most of players are German Players of the Squad , so we put 2 languages on the server so anyone who joins from Europa or Germany can understand and can play. Squad Leaders Must have Working Microphone and Headphones Must have experience in Squad Leading Needs to have at least 2 weeks playing the game Server Rules ? No Teamkilling No Trolling in Squad Chat or Squads Chat Respect all players from all nations Behave good in all senses Respect Admins because they are here to help you More Community Informations Register on our Forums , and you have much thing on it. Vote for Our Server Major Gaming Clan Forums Join our Discord Server Request a Support Ticket
  7. UPDATED Server is now working , join us help us seed the server , Server its on Official List.