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  1. Compass?

    So, before the v10 release, I had a compass at the bottom of my screen, now I have nothing. Anybody know how to get that compass back? Thanks
  2. Talk me into getting squad

    You ever get a chance to check out Iracing.
  3. Talk me into getting squad

    Well, after some help from a couple awesome guys on here, I'm starting to finally grasp some of this game. I'm still not sure what each game mode is and what the object so to says is but that will come in time. I know a lot of understanding will come with just playing and asking questions. I really need to learn the maps also that will help a ton. There is no question though, that a good S.L. makes or breaks a game. Man, what a difference a good one makes. Just as in comuncating can help a ton. I played a hand full of games with one from here and he really knew his stuff and showed me a lot of other stuff, like using mortors,setting mines, blowing trucks up with I.E.D's. That was awesome. Looks like I found my home here with this game. Thanks again for everyones help and contuine helping me as I learn. Thanks, I will add you.
  4. Talk me into getting squad

    Yea I have a mic.
  5. Talk me into getting squad

    does a gaming keyboard and mouse help that much?
  6. Talk me into getting squad

    Ok, You really helped me out and explained a lot of details that I didn't understand yet. I still don't 100% understand how to play but its coming... I still would like to find a clan or some people that play often for me to joing up and and learn how to play it right. I think Ill enjoy it as times goes on and will help pass the winter time for sure.
  7. Talk me into getting squad

    Jumping on for a couple hours if anybody isn't doing anything.
  8. Talk me into getting squad

    Yea, I'm struggling a lot, The big make kill me I'm confused on where to go and what to do. I really am struggling with just even seeing enmies for some reason.
  9. Talk me into getting squad

    I'm est, in Ohio. How do I find some of you guys to know if your playing or not?
  10. Talk me into getting squad

    I'll be on again tonight. Probley around 6 or 7. If anybody feels brave and wants to tackle the challenge of teaching me. Thanks
  11. Talk me into getting squad

    So far I find it very confusing, which I expected, I need to learn the maps so I know where to go and whats around me. So, far haven't found but one guy willing to really help me but he had to leave and didn't stay long. Ill get the hang of it over time. Id say the biggest hurdle for me for sure is being quick with the keys. Its a big difference coming from console.
  12. Talk me into getting squad

    Well here we go. Its downloading as we speak. Looking forward to getting on tonight.
  13. Talk me into getting squad

    Thanks for this honest post. You described cod players to a T. That's what I'm hoping to get away from. I'm wanting to find a game where it's not so fasted pasted and more team playing and helping each other.
  14. Talk me into getting squad

    If all goes well tonight and tomorrow and I get everything setup Ill be on taking bullets for my commrads..LOL
  15. Talk me into getting squad

    I live in Ohio and am usually able to get on after 7pm on the weekdays. And usually available most every sunday all day. Would be awesome to join up with an couple of experienced guys and have them teach me the ropes.