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  1. 10th Special Forces Group

  2. Infantry slots are filling up fast, come check us out Discord: https://discord.gg/hm9r3AG
  3. 10th Special Forces Group

    **10th Special Forces Group** Although an Arma Trailer, we operate similarly on squad. This is a sneak peek of our Special Forces Detachment. Perhaps one day when you join as a 75th Ranger, you'll get the chance to apply and tryout for our SFOD-A
  4. 10th Special Forces Group

    Come join our discord and speak with a recruiter. If not, then sign up on our website. www.10SFG.com https://discord.gg/hm9r3AG
  5. 10th Special Forces Group

    Hop in the discord, we're always recruiting
  6. 10th Special Forces Group

    The 10th Special Forces Group is always recruiting Our unit currently has *3 sections*, however we are all part of 10th SFG. Each performs a certain task that works in unison with the other sections. These Include: - 75th Ranger's - Currently Recruiting - SFOD-A/B - Currently Closed - 160th SOAR - Currently Closed Fill out our application at www.10sfg.com