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  1. Not Enough Video Memory Crash

    Thank you all, I've uninstalled the game out of frustration. I will do a fresh install and try the page file thing.
  2. Not Enough Video Memory Crash

    Managed to play a full round of Kokan on medium settings with average fps being around 60 or so. As soon as the map started changing, got 3 Out of video memory errors and one storage memory error.
  3. Not Enough Video Memory Crash

    Here's what I got by just attempting to join a server. This was with everything on low, no antialiasing or any effects whatsoever. Also, I'd like to add that running the gunrange works flawlessly at maxed out settings with all the bells and whistles included.
  4. Not Enough Video Memory Crash

    @Sir Hardy Thanks for dropping by. I am planning on boosting my specs a little down the road. However what I have now is well within minimal requirements. I've seen people with 1060 having the same issue as me. It would be awesome if I could get someone from Offworld to chime in.
  5. Hi, I got Squad a year or so ago and enjoyed playing it very much. However, I started getting those crashes where the game would tell me that I'm either out of video memory or storage. Uninstalled the game, forgot about it until yesterday. Now the issue is even worse. The game crashes almost instantly as I join a server or even try to join a server. Here are my specs: CPU - i5 4690k GPU - MIS GTX760 Twin Frozr 2GB RAM - 8 GB DDR3 pushing over 1333 but not sure exactly how many MHz SSD - 128GB Samsung 840 EVO Display - 1680x1050 I know that these aren't really the best specs for Squad, but you can't convince me that I can't even run the game for more than 3 minutes? Worst of all, I'm getting solid 100FPS or so with everything on low and a bit of anti aliasing going on. If devs need specific error messages I'll be more than happy to recreate them and upload them.