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  1. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Oh don't worry. It's a huge focus of mine
  2. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Yeah haha, that is actually a pretty big inspiration for this map I'm thinking of doing 2 versions. One of a smaller scale with Russia vs Insurgents (transport, light APC, tanks, ground units), and a second of larger scale (utilizing the entire map) with Russia vs China using transports, apc's, tanks, helicopters... basically 2 full conventional forces fighting. But of course that's a ways to come
  3. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Spent a few hours working with the lighting and fog and think I finally nailed it! Also worked a bit more on the terrain and military base. Update 2 - Lighting and Environment Let me know what you guys think
  4. Having trouble with Color Map

    Take a look at the material in Game/Environments/Materials/Landscape/M_Landscape_01. The blueprint shows the colormap on the far left Also for more help, check out the modders Discord! Lots of cool people to help out.
  5. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Worked a little bit more on the surrounding areas and mountainside. Added the album in the main post
  6. Community content WIP thread!

    Making some progress on the military base for my map Tresenka Border
  7. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Name: "Tresenka Border" Landscape: Alpine Climate: Cold Alpine in the higher area closer to the airbase and cold, wet, muddy forests in the lower valley. Dense forests, small water canals, muddy dirt paths, one main highway. Setting: Tresenka Border takes place in a fictional setting along the border between Russia and a country at war. Fighters from the warring country continuously use the river and mountainous terrain to cross into Russian territory aswell as making use of old WWII trenches. However as fighting has intensified in the region, Insurgents have pushed through the border-crossing while Russian forces' increased security will now be on the defensive to protect it's military installations and small civilian population in the region. This battle will take place in a clash near a military airbase just outside of the border between the Russian Federation and Insurgent forces. Factions: Russian Federation vs Insurgents Design Plans: Large scale map designed for Infantry, Transportation, Light Armor and Heavy armor fighting in a heavily forested area. High vantage overwatch military installations, some bunkers carved into the mountains, Radar stations. Custom buildings and assets also planned. Inspirations: Battlefield 2 , Project Reality, Altai Range (Battlefield 4) for setting, Damavand Peak (Battlefield 3). Screenshots: (link) First Rough Pass Update 1 Update 2 - Lighting and Environment Note: This is my first creation using Unreal Engine 4 but i'm so excited and determined to complete this map . Terrain textures were pretty hard for me to get right and natural looking. I'm on my third pass so far so the snow capped mountains are indeed a work-in-progress . Update: Worked on the mountain side and terrain a bit more. Check the album above for screenshots! Feedback and Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  8. It looks like it's an issue involving EAC (EasyAntiCheat) since Rust and 7DaysToDie have the same issue as well.
  9. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I've yet to see Poland as a faction in any game, and being Polish... Poland! Afterall we are an active military and could be used for european scenarios, possibly against russian army and militia/insurgent scenarios in eastern or cental european settings.