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  1. SL kit force

    Squad kit selection usually isn't a problem so I don't think this is necessary. If the SL doesn't like a person's choice (like a Marksman on a map where he's going to be useless) ... the SL can ask them to change and kick them if they do not comply.
  2. Cheating is cancer on a game ... I'd rather have a tight, sometimes-cumbersome system than allowing cheaters to slip through.
  3. Marker restriction is absurd

    Markers placed on the map are visible to all team members, not just your squad. Personally, I like the current system because it encourages chain-of-command communication of enemy positions and keeps a lot of nonsense off the map. With 30+ people having access to the map, it would be littered with the position of every enemy seen.
  4. weapons switch

    They need to fix the American LAW - it requires a reload for a non-reload rocket tube. The soldier is carrying two - but forces a full reload animation with an empty one when they switch weapons and back to it. For example: - Spawn - Switch to LAW (reload animation) - Fire LAW - Switch to Primary weapon - Switch to LAW (reload animation, but weapon is disposable/empty) - Reload LAW (reload animation) This should be fixed by simply loading the next armed LAW.
  5. Ideas For New Roles

    Heavy AT for US (AT-4) and Russia (RPG-7 Tandem).
  6. To further clarify, if I am laying in short grass ... say 5 - 10 inches in height, I cannot see anything as most of my vision is obscured from the grass. Everyone at a range >50m can see me clear as day and the grass is providing absolutely no benefit -- just a hindrance. I will reference a game like War Thunder's Ground Forces mode that does exactly this: there's a setting that disables grass relative to the shooter's position while in ADS mode. For example, look at the left (no grass while scoped) vs right (grass while scoped) view here:
  7. I know the subject of grass rendering has been beat to death, but grass is a huge hindrance for players in cover at distance ... it's the OPPOSITE of an advantage since it's not rendered to anyone at medium to long range. Can you simply just not render the immediate 10m of grass when ADS? Or at least make it 75% transparent. Problem solved!
  8. Required experience for being a SL

    My suggestion for this would be to create a system based on positive ratings only. Each squad leader should have some sort of number rating next to their names - like the number of times they have been squad leader. So in the "Squad" list, players can make educated choices when joining squads because they can see that number. If somebody wants to try out being a squad leader for the first time, they are going to have to chance it and earn their way into the rating system. Being a good squad leaders takes practice so creating some sort of end-match voting for all squad members, for example: Did your squad leader do a good job? Yes / No If at least four squad members vote "Yes", that squad leaders gets a +1. If the developers are going to create something like this, it needs to be troll-proof so a down-voting system will not fly.