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  1. The big Tank and Apc thread

    This is basicly how I would implement tanks in Squad.. just look at Steel Beasts Pro.. there is no better example. https://youtu.be/HzEfPC0pT-g Just make it possible to solo a tank.. when you are solo in a tank you have a huge disadvantage anyway.. so It is better to have at least another player so you both can watch different sectors. So a multicrew should be optional.
  2. Vehicle warfare/gameplay

    Just do it like Steel beasts Pro, there is no better example of how to implement a tank. https://youtu.be/HzEfPC0pT-g
  3. Tank need at least 4 man to operate

    No, you should be able to operate a tank solo.. you are in a disadvantage when you do not operate a tank with 2 (commander / gunner) as you have less eyes watch your sectors. Just make it possible to operate a tank solo like done in Steel Beasts Pro, and then make it possible to also add an additional 2 players for gunner and driver position. Here's how it should be done.. simple as that https://youtu.be/HzEfPC0pT-g
  4. I could not find a thread for tankers, so hope you don't mind making one here. Squad development looks great.. and going so fast atm! Being a big tank nut I would like to suggest to please add proper tanks and apc's. So what is in my opinion proper tank implementation. There are only three titles that did it right, so use them as an example! (Steel Beasts Pro, RO2, T34 vs Tiger) I'm a Steel Beasts Pro player and that should basically be the aim for proper tank implementation. no need to make it a sim like DCS -make it possible to control a tank solo AND multicrewable. (if that is even a word) and for those screaming that you should not be able to solo a tank.. It's not like the tanks in battlefield.. where you are basically a sniper on tracks driving around the battle field. Soloing a tank gives you a disadvantage as you have to move from one position to the other.. so a multi head crew is always more effective. (if they communicate at all) I suggest looking at how they implemented the controls in RO2.. because that is basicly how I would implement a tank. Have at least the turret interiour, as this is the place you will spend most if your time (the office) , popping your head in and out of the cupola .. when turned out able to use bino's (but vulnarable to snipers etc). And when turned in and looking through periscope you have very limited view. Don't do instant switching from seat to seat.. just do it like in RO2.. there's a delay (or animation when moving from commander to gunner seat) so you are not able to just use a tank as a sniper and spam the battlefield. The problem when you force people to use multiple people in a tank is that you always have to get people online you play with. Believe me.. controlling a tank with people who do not communicate is a nightmare. And a tank is a large vulnerable object with all those infantry with rpg's. I rather see 2 tanks with interior and 2 apc's then 20 without. I think it would be epic to finally have a great tactical framework like squad that is the first one ever to have proper tanks like Steel Beasts and/or RO2. Both are great.. but steelbeast is mainly about vehicles, and in RO2 the maps aren't that great for tankers. I know implementing tanks this way is a shitload of work.. but please.. get someone on the team that knows the few good tank games and makes it his mission to get it right in squad. Yes, I see bumps ahead.. how on earth can you get interiors for the newer models for example. And if you need help I know my way around with 3D modeling.. just let me know