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  1. [LGN] LEGION - NA Squad Clan

    Still around? I don't really see any of you guys on any servers.
  2. Ideas For New Roles

    Carl Gustaf as a flexible launcher. You can bust a tank with AT. Kill troops with air burst or HE......etc i also think assistant gunners should be added as an option. Assistant gunner for LMG and HMG who carries ammo. Same for the Gus (or any launcher). theres plenty of bad guys running around the battlefield with packs full of rpgs (insurgents)
  3. I recently posted in the list of people looking for teams if you want to my ad.
  4. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Steam Profile Name: AnimalMother Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/375rgr Primary Language(s): American English Age: 31 Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: A ton of time in Arma. New to Squad...like real new but I've watched like....a toooon of karmakut videos. Haha. My game time is pretty low as of this moment. Additional Skills: 3/75th veteran in real life so I know radio speak, key pad system, tactics etc. Please don't invite me if your team is a bunch of snowflakes either. I'm also not calling some dude on the internet by his internet rank or sir. I'm not into weird role playing. I am looking for people who have comms discipline, tactical/game knowledge and work well together. Status: Unsigned
  5. 10th Special Forces Group

    Thanks for the quick reply. The discord doesn't seem to work and there isn't anyone on for Squad in teamspeak at the moment.
  6. 10th Special Forces Group

    Just got the game but I've watched enough karmakut videos and played enough arma to where I don't think I'd be very far behind. I understand recruitment is closed but pm me if something opens. Looking for milsim team but without all the yes sir no sir nonsense some teams go for. Former 375 in real life so I already have a good baseline for comms discipline and "radio speak". I'm planning to be pretty active since I just threw down on a new desktop setup. Thanks anthony