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  1. Pistol size.

    its hard to replicate the weight of a pistol in game I find it in game after game. I only ever see a desert eagle convincingly done ha!
  2. Bandage bug quick fix

    Hello all, If you would like a quick fix to the bandage bug, just double tap right click. Hold once until you hear the "bandage sound" then tap again and hold like normal. This will fix the bug and takes just 1-2 seconds longer than normal as opposed to the entire bug.
  3. How to Not Suck at Squad [Guide] [Basics]

    How do we make this mandatory reading for all palyers
  4. British faction balance

    balanced on all maps but kohat. 30mil is pitiful against 2x warrior on aasv2
  5. some of my best "fun" on squad has been invasion! requires some good SL's on the attacking side to make it viable though.
  6. =7Cav= 7th Cavalry Gaming

  7. ]NG[ New Generation UK/Europe/USA

    hello maru
  8. Good way to balance iron sights .

    can the g3 be fixed already. the ADS on that is terrible
  9. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    I like where you're coming from Para! I always give it the "blueberry" test though. If you think it passes the blueberry test then maybe its a good idea
  10. I think we all know what crouch run looks like
  11. SQUAD uninstalled

  12. If anyone here plays insurgency, you will know what Russians are like. The idea that they are any more organised is definitely laughable. As someone who speaks the language, I can assure its nothing more than a constant barrage of "suka blyat's" and yob tvoyu mat's. Having said that, any group of people who want to take the game seriously can come from any region, even Latin America to quote cecili. I recommend joining a clan, or at least a clan's discord. Many clan's play with cooperative blueberries from their discord and it makes for a fun game.
  13. You don't know pressure until you try and SL man :D. Learn from mistakes and just apologise for them. No one can ask any more than that.
  14. February Recap

    Kohat is pretty unplayable due to new 30 mils atm! Belaya is great but the whole game pivoting around impregnable tunnel is frustrating. Kamdesh is awesome.