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  1. server closed connection

    I unninstalled squad, ill wait for V10 and see what happens, i already tried everything and came to the conclution that probably its my ISP
  2. server closed connection

    The problem is back, i think the problems is the EAC, i have rust installed i dont know if they negate each other
  3. server closed connection

    It doesn't let me post it, it say its spam, there 500+ lines
  4. server closed connection

    So i fixed it, i deleted all audio files from the squad game then repair it through steam verify. THANK YOU
  5. server closed connection

    any fix?
  6. server closed connection

    10+ lines of this "LogSquadVoice:Warning: Excessive data buildup in voice input, dropping frame." And this weird link " https://datarouter.ol.epicgames.com/datarouter/api/v1/public/data?SessionID={37BA1C2A-4A5E-A947-6F2B-2EBFDCFC399B}&AppID=UEGame.UnrealEngine.Release|D4ABC716446C8366703DFEA2E34B53AF|Squad&AppVersion=4.16.3-3514769%2B%2B%2BUE4%2BRelease-4.16&UserID=ANON-{B575F14B-4654-6A90-5493-6CBC4CF53B9E}||&AppEnvironment=datacollector-source&UploadType=eteventstream]"
  7. server closed connection

    Done, but i still get the error, i already reinstalled Squad and i deleted all APPDATA and local files prior the install, still happens
  8. server closed connection

    Yeah, it happens when im playing, actually, it always happens 10 minutes after i join the server
  9. server closed connection

    Hello, recently i downloaded squad again, never had the issue before but anytime that i join a server be it low pop or high pop i get kick with the error server closed connection, i already tried different "fixes" that are in the forum like this one. 1) Delete the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Sqad directory 1a) Make sure you have all windows and GPU updates 2) Go to your Squad install directory: Delete the binaries directory 3) Verify game files 4) Restart PC Sadly it didn't work , i hope i can get some help, thanks. (Inglish is not my first lenguaje btw)