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  1. Can´t see many Servers

    It seems that my Hamachi-adapter may have been corrupted and should now be working properly. Here is the link to the clean Instal, the LogMeIn Hamachi Support gave. If someone is interested. It certainly improved my situation, but didn't solved my problem entirely. When searching for offical servers I now get arround 6-8 Servers on average instead of 0-3 servers. When searching for unoffical servers I now get arround 8-25 Servers on average instead 0-6 servers. Further more when Searching for servers it seems that I get more servers the more often I search. From 1-3 Servers at first (seraching for unoffical servers), then 3-8, etc. up to 8-25. "Edit: And I'm sure that this wasn't the case before." "Edit2: The number of Servers include a lot of empty servers." Now I can finaly find some populated Servers, without searching more then 15 minutes, now more like 2-4 minutes
  2. Can´t see many Servers

    I have currently a lot of time. So just tell me a time between 9:00 and 18:00 UTC +1
  3. Can´t see many Servers

    Status update: The Hamachi Support told me the following: Thank you for alerting us to your issue. Could you try and rename the adapter in your Network Connections folder? Once you have renamed it to Hamachi, please try running the application again and make sure that Network Connection Hamachi is activated. Intressting enough I can't I get an error saying the name is already used. The Support system is wiered on Hamachi. I don't get any conformation for setting up my ticket, I can´t find my ticket on their webside and the their respond came over an E-Mail. I got a refrence number and nowhere to use it, except writing a new ticket and writing it into the question
  4. Can´t see many Servers

    For now I changed the language of Windows to english and opened a ticket at the Hamchi Support. The router menu is still in german, but this still helps me to get things done with the english Hamachi support. I will also test on my borthers PC wich uses the same router if he also has the same connection problems. So i can have a guess, if its the router or not.
  5. Can´t see many Servers

    @Psyrus It's on german. I tried to find anyway to change the language to english, but there is no option to change it. I can try to translate things if necessary. I got a Speedport W723V Typ B as router from Telekom. Edit: Okay I found something that may could be it. A Support in a other game I also have connection problems to their servers told me that LogMeIn Hamachi seems to cause some problems but couldn't pin the problem down and only sugessted to reinstall windows. I just looked at this and it reminded me of a problem I had nearly 10 years ago. I think (but I'm not sure) but Hamachi shouldn't be listed as Ethernet. I compared it to the PC of my borther and there it's the other way arround.
  6. Can´t see many Servers

    @samwiseOrigin You mean links like on squad-servers.com ? Yes but they dont work for me. Steam starts squad with "+connect (IP number)" and only starts the game and waits in the main menu. I tried to join over the Steam server browser, but there the server doesent respond. @Psyrus I tried it and it didn't helped. I have a configuration menu for my router I can access and yes I'am german :-) @beginna It curently is set to 500 as I already tried changing it without any improvment to my problem.
  7. Can´t see many Servers

    Aren't the only filters the game has on the pictures ? It's set to show servers even if they have diffrent versions and empty servers. So I can see if I find anything. When Searching without these settings It takes just as long to find any populated servers. On the Steam server browser I also try to search as broad as possible (show full and empty servers, can have a password, any ping, any map)
  8. Can´t see many Servers

    I don't have any erro message to post, only the Serverbrowser. Are there any logs I could post ?
  9. Can´t see many Servers

    I bought the game few day´s ago in the Steam Winter sale. And today I find out that I have problems finding all Servers. When I search for costum matches I may find 0 to 5 Servers each time I search (most of the time I find diffrent Servers), wich are to over 90% of the time just empty. On the offical Serverlist I only find 0-2 games per search. When I found a Server with people I wanted to join, I could play without any Problems, I also could join play the Shooting Range. I already reinstaled the game, opened Ports, tried changing the max Pings for the Serverbrowser in Steam without any ressults. And the Steam Serverbrowser does find more Servers, but I can´t join any over this Serverlist.