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  1. i have dx12 and it looks like its not the reason, i made some testing and game is now running without CTDs one of following or all at once done the trick: -decreased OC of gpu by 2% -clean installation of game -clean installation of newest gpu drivers i suppose issue was related to corrupted gpu drivers thank you guys for help @samwiseOrigin @beginna
  2. @samwiseOrigin without OC i had same results, i'll try install clean drivers again, and test with basic clock settings, but tbh it's a bit strange i was using same rig and all settings before v9.15 and the day that patch hit game i got these CTDs @beginna i'm not using any of logitech gear atm also i had multiple drivers updates to newest [gforce experience] since i noticed that problem first time. i'll test everything and inform you two about results
  3. hey i had no idea what to use to upload so i pasted it into google docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1REF_6p8c-Ysf9RaOymXprgtmovlf8l53AmdsVv2WV1k/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hello, i'm struggling with squads CTD and since patch 9.15 i have constantly unplayable game. My rig is pretty decent i5-4670k @4,2ghz, gtx1080 16gbRAM. I don't have memory leak or any hardware related problems. I've checked memory drain in game thinking that it may be a problem but game is stable around 7-10Gb. Ok so i'll go to description of my problem. After launching squad when manu is fully booted something like virtual clock is started every time after 10-45s game just shuts off to desktop without any error msg, I've tried reinstallation, clean install, installation on other HDD or SSD nothing is working, every time problem is exactly the same. I've checked different Netframework versions, and tried reinstallation of EAC There is one option to make game run longer, for approx 30min-1h it happens only when i reboot my PC deleting all config files same time, after that there is like some percentage of chance that game will start just fine. it's working roughly 2/10 times. After that i need to set all my setting back to what i use with keybindings and everything still its not giving me 100% repeatability because i could live with that considering its alpha but sadly its not working like intended. I've googled all the forums and found some dudes had same problem but for them deleting configs worked and using that once they fixed their game. In my case im struggling for long time to make game playable for me. I've never before experienced major bug that i couldn't fix on my own and i'm playing since kickstarter campanie. This weekend I've tested a10 and problem still exists with this version.