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  1. Movement too slow ?

    I'm happy as is... As long as it never turns into the every player as an olympic sprinter/distance runner this will always be my go to game.
  2. POLL - v10

    The current v10 is superior to v9 and provides the game with a breath of much needed fresh air. Since playing over a year now I always felt the direction laid out by the devs and what v10 now delivers is exactly what I paid for. The current v10 gunplay is great. It's not too milsim intense like arma or too casual which leads to frustrating deaths. V9, while a slowed down run and gun style always felt like a temporary placeholder until animations were introduced. The option to stick with this v10 until the official v10 is released should be allowed. I for one know I won't be playing Squad until the v10 official release if i'm forced to move into backwardness. It's crazy to think some throwing the word "core community" are truly upset about where this is going. Run and gun gameplay and prone diving has oversaturated the market. I cant believe that some veteran users are really angry that you have to hide behind cover and actually think about your next steps. The phase of sprinting to your objective and insta proning to snap shoot back is gone and hopefully never coming back. That style belongs in bf1 and Insurgency, not Squad. Look at what happened to the poor RS series when they catered to the super casual base with Vietnam... what a mess. I hope the devs continue their current track.
  3. release 10.0 when it ready

    You can roll back to v9. The option for people in the opposite situation and diagree with your beliefs should not have to (and probably will stop playing altogether) go backward to an inferior v9 game.