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  1. ticket count in AAS too high

    V13 is great. Just need to adjust the sprint speed, acceleration and transitioning to reduce the casual run and gun / sprint and snapshoot gameplay.

    Can't because you're right
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    After some time with the current v13 and many discussions with testers on the current build, here is some actionable feedback to happily unite new players and old on a few features for PT round 2: Buddy rally: Keep the mechanic but the following changes should occur: 1) using it increases next rally placement time by X amount 2) ability costs 5-10 tickets per use 3) only squads at 90% capacity may use the ability These changes would create a risk v. reward scenario where SLs ( and future commanders) would have to decide if they want to use it. Reward? Potentially achieve teams objective Risk? Losing more tickets on a rally wipe or replacement by SL. These changes would add variety to the long game while maintaining the importance of FOBs. Sprinting: keep the mechanic(or better yet, reduce it by half) but go back to the old stamina system and weapon sway. ADS strafe speed: reduce it by 30% Supression& ads transition: Increase it by 20-40% to discourage the current sprint to insta snap-shooting meta that's emerging. These changes can bring positive changes to the current v13 build while maintaining the integrity of Squads vision!! Hope you devs at least consider trying this out before the official public release!
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Agree 100% with these points. While the need to attract a larger player base is important for Squad, it also comes at a cost of streamlining and becoming more like the AAA game. With the reduction of suppression, Olympic sprinter speed and removal of stamina aim penalty, I feel like v13 is poorly trying to rope in RS2/ Battlefield/Apex L players, not keeping it's original goals as a strategic tactical shooter. I find myself subconciously getting into arcade shooter mindset, charging enemies and HABs using rush-out-twitch the enemy rather than observe my surroundings and decide to disengage or carefully try to move up to find a better firing position. For 2 years I have always chose Squad over other FPS's. I look at Squad as the leader in a happy marriage between the oversaturated casual fps market and too hardcore series. The current v13 dives way too far into casual shooter territory. While the rest of v13 is great, these few additions move the game in a poor direction. Hopefully all are taken into serious consideration by the devs to be reverted or finding a happy medium between v12 and the current v13 build.
  5. Scope periphial zoom

    Now that almost all players will have access to ACOGs/4x sights do the devs have a plan to remove the peripheral zoom on them? (ie. Limiting the zoom feature to what's only displayed in the scope). Or is the current full screen zoom/ mildly blurred vision mechanic here to stay? The reason why I ask is really a end game question. Is OWI plan for combat mass scoped warfare, or is it a response to try and even the playing field between players (those with 4x have always had a major advantage). If the plan is to have scopes as complimentary options then the periphial blurred zoom should be replaced with scoped zoom only. Here's why: Like many players I always find myself choosing the 4x over the different variations of weapon options for each kit. Why not grab a scope when everyone else has one? I'm sure most of you agree that snap/strafe shooting and hitting targets in Squad has always been too easy with 4x/ acogs sights, which is part of their appeal and why most players ignore the non scoped kits. Removing the full screen zoom would no longer make iron sights/red dot obsolete features while naturally limiting the number of people using scoped weapons. The mechanic forces people to find their target in normal vision, stop and recalibrate their target, then shoot(rather than the current meta of strafing ADS to scan and engage targets using the blurred zoom around the scope). However, I know that adding this would change the core infantry gameplay which may not be what OWI wants. Most players may not want/have time to master the new playstyle, thus encouraging more people to use irons/red dot roles. My argument for the feature would be that scopes would still be a viable option on the map while not giving a major advantage to those snap/ strafe shooters. In effect, 4x and DMR's would naturally become a support role rather than the normal go to loadout for Squad players. A positive (imo) side effect would be the comeback of indirect fire which always produced tense firefights as more metal is thrown around in general directions over the less, pinpoint accurate shots that we see now in v12. Adding more scopes as options for players is great, but should be used as another layer of gameplay rather than the normal kit loadout everyone goes to. Is this a feature the devs have considered adding in the future? or is it a scrapped idea? Known issues of feature: 1) fps drops 2) scopes may have to take less screen space for impact 3) Most vets stuck in their ways may protest (we are creatures of habit!) 4) a big shift in current infantry combat meta
  6. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    I really don't think asymmetrical warfare is solid term in Squad anymore. Every update INS receive features to go 1 for 1 against the conventional armies. Engine limitations and community complaints are probably the root but besides ieds and quick transports, the INS play just like the US/RU/UK.
  7. Kohat Invasion layers

    While Kohat is the "OG" map, can it be time to put the Invasion layers to rest or make it a first world attack/defend encounter? Currently, attacking as the U.S. is a fun steamrolling experience. On defense as INS, it's a frustrating nightmare and the reasons are clear: 1) 25+ scoped load outs vs 8-12 on a map with little cover and large, open areas 2) Servers preventing INS from placing mines near U.S. base ( I agree with this as a rule on any map and server. But isn't issue #1 really fair given the map layer /faction circumstances?) 3) The map layout combined with the layer gives very little room for "HAT/LAT/INF ambushes" or "IED/Mine attacks" which INS relies on as a balance (asymmetrical warfare) The current situation leads to team stacking and an overall feeling of hopelessness as defender (especially on the new Bradley layer). I don't blame the INS players for leaving or switching teams either. Who really enjoys getting pounded by 25+ scopes from all directions for 30-45 minutes? Solution: 1) Remove the layers from invasion mode 2) Replace INS with Russia, GB or US as defenders against one another 3) Replace US attackers with Militia To be clear, the AAS layers are fine, this post pertains to Invasion only. Keep up the good work devs and thanks for reading the suggestion. Best, -Gz P.S. For the community: To counter my argument, please include a server log showing the percentages of wins/losses by U.S. attackers on ANY layer of invasion on Kohat. From my 500+ hours in game I have yet to see an INS win take place anywhere else than radio tower on the OG layer" or an INS win on the new layer. Please do not argue the situation is "authentic". It's not for both game and historical/current realism situations. Please do not argue that "well my clan does X and it works every time as INS", it probably doesn't unless you are stack pub stomping Please do not argue "well in your 500+ playtime you have never been on a team that communicates properly on that layer!" I have, and encountered loss after loss to half-competent US attacker teams. I also have unbalanced experiences steamrolling well structured INS teams as the U.S. in Kohat invasion layers. Please do not argue "Get your own server and don't run the map". That solution doesn't help Kohat's great potential as an Invasion layer. Edit: Bolding words
  8. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    You bring up a good point. However, people do logi runs (except for free weekends on steam lol). Removed that section from suggestions. Instead it would be the building without the mandatory manned player. Intel would go to the SL who dropped it (or just all SLs for less complication)
  9. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    With the eventual overhaul of a more in depth medic game play and the dragging mechanic, the following proposal could not only compliment the changes but add a simple and further emphasis on rewarding teamwork and SL decisions in the heat of a skirmish. I will break them down below! How it works: Players will be categorized into two sections, only a medic can see the state of a player (or player model). These two states are as follows A. Incapacitated (current "downed" system with live player waiting for a medic) B. Critical (player is no longer live, but player model is a valuable target [read full article to see why and how]) Section 1: Systems defining the state of a player A: Causes for incapacitated state Low caliber hits & frag rounds to the body & or multiple hits to the limbs B: Causes for Critical state High caliber hits to the body & low caliber hits to the head (high caliber hits to the head = deceased as per current system) Section 2: Rules for each player state A. Incapacitated Player screen: Incapacitated players go through the same process as they do now, dimmed screen waiting for a revive. Players who press Respawn cause their player model to go into Critical (Their RESPAWN timer is NOT affected) Bleedout to deceased state as per current system B. Critical Players placed in Critical go to respawn screen. Respawn timer +20 from current system Medics who bandage the Critical player model cut down that player Respawn timer in half! Medics who bandage the Critical player model put it into a Stabilized state Stabilized player models have the current bleedout timer increased (for survival gameplay purposes; more on this later) Once the bleedout timer expires, the Critical player models changes over to deceased Section 3: Special Buildings required for game play in further sections A special building is required at a FOB for the two types of systems to be in play. They are the following: 1. A medic station 2. An intel radio (must be manned by a live player) More on this later Section 4: Friendly Critical players gameplay Friendly Critical player models are important and require a medic (and possibly other dedicated players for super efficient transportation) Rules for mechanics to be in effect: A special building (medic station) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) Critical player models may be brought back to MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to MAIN BASE 1 ticket is refunded (rewarded) Section 5: Enemy Critical players gameplay While some squads may make it a priority to rescue critical player models, the enemy may too. These will be broken down into two sections (C & E) Note: X means up to the devs/community for balance reasons Rules for C: Reduce enemy tickets A special building (intel radio) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) special building does NOT HAVE TO BE MANNED by a live player ENEMY Critical player models may be brought back to your MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to your MAIN BASE; enemy team has 1 ticket lost Rules for D: intel on the enemy a special building (intel radio) must be manned for this mechanic to be in play (for reasons below) For every X Critical ENEMY player model brought back to your MAIN BASE; the following situation happens The live player manning the special building receives the general location (the SAME current system used for CACHES in Insurgency mode) in YELLOW on their map and their map only The live player will then use these general locations to relay to their SQUAD LEADER and/or local VOIP (was placed for balance but removed due to a good point) If the special building is not manned or is removed; the map locators are wiped If the special building is rebuilt, it is a blank slate and the number and revealings of critical bodies continues (see below) The number and revealings of Critical bodies brought to your main are as follows: 1. 5(or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL 2. 10 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL rally point 3. 15 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy vehicle in use 4. 20 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy HAB /FOB Radio 5. After 20 (or final X) Critical brought to main = rolls over and resets back to step 1. Section 6: Rules for vehicles Vehicles may pick up Critical player models Vehicles may only carry 1/2 of their normal live player seats Empty vehicles with Critical player models can have them removed (or rescued) by a player using the "use button" (to place the player model into a dragging state or just next to the vehicle The proposed system would not only place emphasis on the medic class but also add an additional layer of gameplay for both sides. If played correctly by one side through coordiated teamwork, they can receive a great advantage over the enemy. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions, I will happily update if this discussion evolves! Best, Gz
  10. It's a shame you have that attitude with the community. Your solution to my point only fulfills your style of point and click gameplay. MGs should not be for plinking scoped enemies but to provide cover for riflemen to engage flanking manueovers. Currently, half of every team is running around with scopes making them useless at doing their job (even the 4x lmgs are used for burst fire insta doming). Thus the job for keeping heads down are the armored scopes vehicles, NOT IS lmg kits. So why have them? A riflemen kit is far more versatile given it's equipment and lower recoil. Finally, if suppression is not a big deal and scopes dominate the battlefield why are the devs adding scopes for deployable HMGs? Every weapon will eventually need a scope unless suppression is overhauled. Those who are against an improved suppression system refuse to acknowledge the issue and have become too comfortable with personal pixel clicking skill rather than squad tactics and communication competance. A game called Squad should reward those who act as a cohesive unit, not the current return fire snap shooting which only rewards individual players (such as both of us, because pixel shooting is easy. However teamwork takes real patience and skill.)
  11. Defenses

    TLDR: defenses IRL most likely turn into swiss cheese pretty quickly in modern combat. Solid built defenses are fun to build, but without a strong team structure, they also turn into swiss cheese. Not a problem Hi all, Can someone please explain the usefulness of deployables? Sure, they "look cool" but in the end, they are absolutely useless. Currently, I only see see them as a situational soft counter vs. vehicles AT BEST. A stationary HMG or AT (regardless of faction) is silenced within 10-15 seconds of firing. Will a scope in v11 really fix that? Another issue: Spending 15-45 minutes building up a cache or flag is completely negated by 5 minutes of concentrated mortar fire. While I've seen SUPERFOBS win or hold out for over 30 min on pub servers, that's because the attacking side lacks any sort of teamwork. I can't imagine anything other than a HAB + mortars are used in competitive clan matches. (I only pub so i can only ask) My question: When will deployable weapons be useful against attacking teams (especially if they even have half a brain and using a dedicated logi?) (Ex. would anyone here ACTUALLY USE a deployable 50 cal, even with a "scope"? (the effects look fantastic, but are usually silenced rather quickly when a squad of attackers return laser point fire while you fire at them)
  12. I take back my suppression statement. If a supression overhaul does take place, Invasion mode would be made obsolete. The amount of different angles one could fire at HAB make super habs obsolete ( which they already are under proper managed mortar fire) I cant even count the amount of 30-45 min effort of a "well built up" HAB going to absolute trash within 5 min under a well managed mortar assault. If an overhaul takes place, building anything past a HAB would be near useless in all game modes under current circumstances.
  13. Non 4x LMGs are a joke and atm a waste of special role kit while optics continue to dominate the battlefield(and potentially inspire more lone wolfs us SLs complain about) Their only solution is to add more scopes (which they are implimenting on hmg emplacements) exasperating this issue.
  14. Will we see jets in the future?

    I remember the kickstarter plans. I had a feeling jets wouldn't make it but who knows. I've always been fine with SLs just being able to coordinate 500 lb bomb and a10 strikes. Emphasis on coordinate, not click and forget nonsense.
  15. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    They render emplacements and MG suppression useless, while giving one person over many a ridiculous advantage at 100 yards+ range. You think sitting far back and easily killing those 5-10 people peeking above or on the side of those HESCO walls returning fire to your teammates using iron sights doesn't ruin fun firefights for the majority?