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  1. Will we see jets in the future?

    I remember the kickstarter plans. I had a feeling jets wouldn't make it but who knows. I've always been fine with SLs just being able to coordinate 500 lb bomb and a10 strikes. Emphasis on coordinate, not click and forget nonsense.
  2. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    They render emplacements and MG suppression useless, while giving one person over many a ridiculous advantage at 100 yards+ range. You think sitting far back and easily killing those 5-10 people peeking above or on the side of those HESCO walls returning fire to your teammates using iron sights doesn't ruin fun firefights for the majority?
  3. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    4x scopes ruining epic fob / flag firefights
  4. M4 Acog

    As if we need more laser beam 4xers dominating firefights to the point where only sniper fans are having fun.
  5. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I don't see the problem as much with iron sight accuracy at 100+ distances, the real problem may be the amount of scoped rifles on the field and their ridiculous return fire accuracy. Fire a shot in the general direction of a contested flag at 200 meters and expect to be calling for a medic.
  6. Hi all, Warning: Below are my thoughts, they may not be presented in the most fluid, fleshed out way so if you get annoyed by that please check out the TL: DR. Great game, been playing since pre v9 and always had a blast. One issue that has bugged me and for some reason in v10 has become more apparent is the dominance of scopes. Before you immediately shut down and defend our precious 4x, or default to "new suppression system in the works" reply, hear me out! Scopes are part of the modern battlefield whether we like it or not. They are meant to be OP because they work. Check out any clip from a modern battlefield from Afghanistan/Iraq or the more recent Syrian & Ukrainian conflicts and you'll see the effectiveness. I get it. The problem is the application in a video game. I always go for the 4x kit when joining a squad if it's open and that should be a red flag, because I love teamwork and epic 100 yard + firefights with iron sights/red dots. Yet when they happen and I (as usual) have my 4x, it becomes an easy plinkfest as I hit 2-3 MGers, then the medics who thought they were covered by smoke trying to get them up. Sure, i'll admit having to range and seeing my targets hit is an adrenaline rush, but I wonder about the other 3-5 souls on the other end of that scope... While the v10 current overhaul of recoil definitely meant to make these optics a little more balanced, the battlefield is still dominated by the 4x riflemen. With 80% of the maps being open by 2-5 football fields as a modern battlefield, playing rifleman has become a : spam smokes, don't peek even a mm above a hill crest and try to zig zag around to the nearest house or tiny rock/tree trunk. While that's great and all for teamwork and PTSD realism, the amount of scopes on the battlefield makes it dull because it's CONSTANT and reinforcing the rush to grab a scope when entering a server. At the end of the game (pardon for referring to kills), but why should it be the 3 individuals in a squad with the most kills? It only encourages a scopefest in a modern shooter game. On top of that, don't even get started with Machine Gunners or support LMGs. Want to try and "supress those scopes with superior firepower so your squad can move across the usual open field? Good luck. You can usually get half a clip down range before being hit, considering all your tracers are doing is placing a giant target on your head. I'm not suggesting removing Scopes, they are an integral part of the modern battlefield experience, I just suggest limiting it to 1 per squad until the suppression overhaul comes through and fire superiority can supress the 9-14 scopers wrecking the battlefield. While this messes with the US approach of distance superiority it will make the game play feel less cheap. TL;DR: Too many scopes on the battlefield, rendering almost all emplacements, rifleman kits, MG support weapons under extreme pressure. Thus turning firefights into "peek out and die" situations rather than immersive shootouts in which the squads with more skill, teamwork and fire superiority gain any upper hand. While you bring up the good point of using smokes, the fact that a squad has to use 1/2 to all to counter 1 4x is a problem. 4x Scopes vs superfob = insta-head shots when looking over the placed walls or emplacement weapons, ruining the epic firefights between iron sights and red dots. 4x Scopes vs MG = Scopes win (ok, you have a good point, scopes should be a hard counter to MGs, too bad there's just too many scopes for MGs to even have a chance in most maps, unless they are indoors watching an entrance...) 4xScopes vs GL/Frag RPG = Scopes can generally win or at least get 1-2 hits on the fragger (from my experience since pre v9) 4x Scopes vs Rifleman = Scopes usually win (as intended, too bad there are just too many scopes on the battlefield). 4x are just as, if not more effective in cqc to iron sights. 4x Scopes vs Vehicle = finally, a hard counter, too bad its 14 to 2 ratio on giant maps. 4x Scopes vs any emplacement = renders them useless, hence why any sort of static defensive structures by FOBS are near useless and a waste of a squad's time building. Solution? Limit 4x to 1 per squad. Sure, they will continue to dominate firefights (cough, i mean, ruin firefights) but with half of them in action, skirmishes and battles may be more immersive and based on fluid teamwork. It will force one or both sides attempt to outmaneuver one another by using fire superiority. It may also reduce the number of lone wolfs not listening to you as SL I'm all for your feedback, but please keep it civil and respectful... I know how dear scopes are to all players in a modern shooter. Also, don't take my rebuttal's personally! Best, Gz
  7. Movement too slow ?

    I'm happy as is... As long as it never turns into the every player as an olympic sprinter/distance runner this will always be my go to game.
  8. POLL - v10

    The current v10 is superior to v9 and provides the game with a breath of much needed fresh air. Since playing over a year now I always felt the direction laid out by the devs and what v10 now delivers is exactly what I paid for. The current v10 gunplay is great. It's not too milsim intense like arma or too casual which leads to frustrating deaths. V9, while a slowed down run and gun style always felt like a temporary placeholder until animations were introduced. The option to stick with this v10 until the official v10 is released should be allowed. I for one know I won't be playing Squad until the v10 official release if i'm forced to move into backwardness. It's crazy to think some throwing the word "core community" are truly upset about where this is going. Run and gun gameplay and prone diving has oversaturated the market. I cant believe that some veteran users are really angry that you have to hide behind cover and actually think about your next steps. The phase of sprinting to your objective and insta proning to snap shoot back is gone and hopefully never coming back. That style belongs in bf1 and Insurgency, not Squad. Look at what happened to the poor RS series when they catered to the super casual base with Vietnam... what a mess. I hope the devs continue their current track.
  9. release 10.0 when it ready

    You can roll back to v9. The option for people in the opposite situation and diagree with your beliefs should not have to (and probably will stop playing altogether) go backward to an inferior v9 game.