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  1. July 2018 Recap

    People won't lose ammo - they just cannot gain it by dying and respawning. I believe the Rifleman without scope will have one (?) droppable ammo bag - so if you're running out of ammo, he can drop it and you can resupply, basically a limited ammo supply point that doesn't require FOB/deploy points. Not sure if he can pick it up again? I read also that it may be replenished somehow? The point of this change is to reward tactical/squad based game play - if you run off on your own, you'll likely either die or run out of ammo. That you respawn with the same amount of ammo (with minimum 2 mags, 2 bandages) means that front line squads will have to conserve ammo, and those with AT, HAT, or Grenadier can't use the old "die and respawn to get ammo" trick. Pushing hard through enemy lines without ammo supplies will not be long term viable, and probably will mean flag capture and holding will have more back and forth play. It will probably help mitigate squads that try to deny flags. It also balances out the fact that you probably will live a bit longer as now everyone can be revived (but to limited health) by anyone with a medic patch. I definitely approve of this direction. Good job devs, this all looks excellent (and I know there's more we don't know yet - sheesh only 21 days to go (*)) Considering that several people worked on PR and now on Squad, there's bound to be some commonality, but experimenting and differences are a good idea. If something doesn't work, the next version will balance it out. Has happened before, will happen again. (*) Meme alert: The next Squad version is always three weeks away, until it isn't.
  2. Vehicle reset feature

    Probably hard to implement but how about giving crewman a really heavy duty vehicle jack in their inventory: * Deploy next to vehicle and use left/right click to lower/raise (left=lower, right=raise). * Would apply a physical object that moves up/down at the given point * It'd take practice and time to work, and may not be successful always * Yyou are penalized for time and being vulnerable to attack. Vehicles righted would receive some amount of damage (25% or so) also? Alternatively, and way easier to implement, the item just does the equivalent of "Reset Vehicle" , but takes 30 seconds of left clicking, and applies 25% damage. Currently I have no problem with the wheel jumping technique which I've got down to an art form almost (5-15 seconds typically, though on occasion it just never works, or launches me and vehicle into space...)
  3. June 2018 Recap

    Or you are suppressing some infantry with an LMG and one of them just shoots you and they move on. Improving suppression will change Squad more than any other change listed. I suspect for the better. "some" hah - I knew it, you are keeping some things back :-P
  4. June 2018 Recap

    I remember Yehorivka when it first appeared, and this is light years ahead. It looks fantastic! One of the best maps of the set because the different AAS layouts almost play like different maps (I also like Kohat for similar reasons). For a while I didn't actually realize I was on the same map - there's so much area and detail. Not sure how your artists can do so much detail and such large maps (I worked on 200+ people game teams at EA, so I know of what I speak). Tallil Outskirts looks like a great desert/tank experience - it's somewhat like Kashan desert, though I'm guessing those mountains are not in the playable area given the map overview. I think some higher ground might be a good idea - I suspect however from the overhead map that this is at the same progress stage as when Yehorivka first appeared, so we shall wait and see how it progresses over the next while. Certainly I hope it has a few tanks and IFVs (and... ahem... things one might find at an active airfield?) The rest of the changes seem to be a collective and holistic attempt to level up the game mechanics - supression, more ammo, more reviving, but more controlled waves of spawning - Squad has the ebb and flow of tense waiting/travelling and intense fire fights - I sense this will accentuate those more. It will however be quite a change from V11 - hopefully the pretty chill community will accept it quickly. Who am I kidding, we'll all hate it until V13 comes out and then complain that V13 ruined the perfection that was V12. ;-) Was wondering why the IFV/Tank weapon stabilization system hinted at in some videos recently was not highlighted here - from what I saw it was working fairly well in prototype? Perhaps you are keeping some goodies for release hype?
  5. Alpha 11.1

    Thanks guys for a great set of changes, seem to cover the almost all the bugs, especially the most important (annoying vehicle de-sync and medic changes). I also liked some of balance changes on the TOW and intrigued by this one: Removed tracers from Militia and INS infantry weapons. I can see how this matches their more hit and run style and asymmetric balance. That has definitely been improving over the last few releases. I don't have much time for many games, but Squad is getting 99% of my game time since I started in 0.5 Questions on some low priority bugs that might have been fixed, know you can't get to everything, but here's hoping: - The M249 red dot sight being too high? (Update: Seems to be fixed! Yay!) - The weird de-sync on building/rebuilding the TOW? - Strange "left-over" grey SPG model left behind when reloading? If not, no worries, the amazing game far out weighs the few minor bugs left. All I have to do is wait three weeks and they'll be fixed by magic code fairies right?
  6. In general V10 is a massive, huge, amazing update. I love it. As always with super complex software, there's a few minor bugs left to squad. Totally get that. Here's a few bugs/improvements just in case: - The "F" or "T" commo rose no longer has a mouse cursor or visual feedback of the relative motion, makes it a little harder to navigate. - When changing kit at ammo box, previous hand animation remains temporarily. - When standing up from prone (while ADS) the previous hand animation remains (not sure if this is repro steps). - Smoke grenades seem a little less effective, they're smaller and the smoke is not as dense (is this intentional?) - When leaning (particularly prone), the mouse movement is not relative to screen space, but to world space - makes for somewhat confusing mouse movements. - Stand/crouch leaning seems slightly less than in V9 (intentional I guess?) - Grenade launcher ranging could do with 150m increment, or even 50m increments for all weapons in general for consistency. - HMG and emplaced weapons which obviously have ranging sights do not have that ability. - Not sure what "O - Switch View" keybinding is for? (Then again there's Commander VOIP and Aircraft greyed out so perhaps this is a partially complete feature :-D) - Perhaps some way to close vehicle hatches that have them (Stryker, BTRs) for more protection but less visibility (perhaps that's what O keybind is for?) - On entering some vehicles, the driver body is visible outside the vehicle. - When going prone, during the animation the weapon shots are still quite accurate, not reflecting the vast amount of sway present in the weapon - dolphin diving is still possible. This may happen in other transitions. - Bipod deployment on window ledges sometimes leads to restricted movement that doesn't make sense (ie. you can turn right more than left, even though deployed in the center).
  7. Alpha 10 Public Test

    The beta test version of Alpha 10 (err... a Alpha-beta?) is amazing. Congrats Offworld! Favourite things - new UI, 3d background scene, bipods, animations, ranging, alternate weapons on vehicles, AA, HMGs... err... well that's everything added then. Things I didn't like but will get over - a few bugs that I'm sure you'll all fix. Things I'm not sure about - is it me, or is smoke a bit less effective and more see through?